782 Pages 115 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    782 Pages 115 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Public Law guides students through all the essential components of the Public Law module, in a user-friendly structure that is ideal for visual learners.

    Written by an experienced teacher of Public Law, the book takes an accessible and engaging approach to often complex areas of law, politics and the constitution. Incorporating recent developments, academic debate and commentary, the book introduces students to all the key concepts of this core subject. The text is grounded in context, explaining how Public Law operates in practice, and it thoroughly covers the spectrum of Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Administrative Law.

    Integrated pedagogic features ease navigation of the text and reinforce key points. These include Public Law in Context, Recent Developments, Public Law in Practice, Practical Application and Academic Debate, and Public Law is also supported by online Multiple Choice Questions.

    Public Law is essential reading for modules on public law and constitutional and administrative law on LLB degrees and conversion courses.

    1. The United Kingdom’s Constitution

    2. The Sources of the United Kingdom’s Constitution

    3. The Separation of Powers and the United Kingdom’s Constitution

    4. The Rule of Law and the United Kingdom’s Constitution

    5. Parliamentary Sovereignty I: The Foundations

    6. Parliamentary Sovereignty II: The Challenges

    7. Parliament: Composition and Functions

    8. The Executive: Crown, Government and Accountability

    9. The Courts and the Judiciary

    10. The Prerogative I: Foundations, Powers and Parliamentary Control

    11. The Prerogative II: Judicial Control of the Prerogative Powers

    12. Human Rights I: Foundations and Rights

    13. Human Rights II: Two Competing Rights? Articles 8 and 10 ECHR

    14. Human Rights III: Freedom of Assembly and Association

    15. Judicial Review I: Foundations of Judicial Review

    16. Judicial Review II: The Grounds

    17. The Omdudsman, Tribunals, Inquiries and Executive Liability


    Chris Monaghan is a Principal Lecturer in Law at the University of Worcester, where he teaches and researches in Public Law. He has taught Public Law for over a decade at a number of universities. His research interests include accountability mechanisms, prerogative powers and the Chagos litigation.