1st Edition

Public Relations Research Annual Volume 2

Edited By Larissa A. Grunig, James E. Grunig Copyright 1990

    The purpose of this second volume is to challenge and extend the field of research in public relations. Taking a proactive approach to creating a stable, yet not stagnant annual, the editors directly solicited chapters on exciting and intriguing subjects. Assuming some prior knowledge, interests, and commitment of their readers, the editors hope that each chapter's report on original research provides enough context for understanding even if the area of inquiry is new to the readers.

    Public Relations Research Annual, Volume 2, continues to advance within the discipline beyond anecdotes to practical theories and research. Educators, practitioners, and researchers will find this annual's presentations and critiques useful in creating a systematic framework for their own endeavors.

    Contents: Part I:Research Reviews. D.M. Dozier, The Innovation of Research in Public Relations Practice: Review of a Program of Studies. R.L. Heath, Corporate Issues Management: Theoretical Underpinnings and Research Foundations. G.J. O'Keefe, K. Reid, The Uses and Effects of Public Service Advertising. Part II: Reports of Original Research, J.M. Piekos, E.F. Einsiedel, Roles and Program Evaluation Techniques Among Canadian Public Relations Practitioners. L.A. Grunig, Power in the Public Relations Department. C.T. Salmon, H. Oshagan, Community Size, Perceptions of Majority Opinion and Opinion Expression. J.D. Pincus, J.E. Knipp, R.E. Rayfield, Internal Communication and Job Satisfaction Revisited: The Impact of Organizational Trust and Influence on Commercial Bank Supervisors. R.L. Heath, W. Douglas, Involvement: A Key Variable in People's Reaction to Public Policy Issues. C.A. Pratt, First Amendment Protection for Public Relations Expression: The Applicability and Limitations of the Commercial and Corporate Speech Models. R. Pearson, Ethical Values or Strategic Values? The Two Faces of Systems Theory in Public Relations. J.L. Everett, Organizational Culture and Ethnoecology in Public Relations Theory and Practice.


    James E. Grunig and Larissa A. Grunig