1st Edition

Public Relations and Strategic Communication in 2050 Trends Shaping the Future of the Profession

Edited By Alexander V. Laskin, Karen Freberg Copyright 2025
    294 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    294 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Taking stock of the technological, political, economic, and social trends that exist today, this book extends the discussion to analyze and predict how these trends will affect the public relations and strategic communication industry of the future.

    The book is divided into two sections, the first addressing such key topics as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, political polarization, and misinformation, the second looking at key facets of the profession, such as media relations, crisis communication, and measurement and evaluation. Leading researchers in the discipline share their analysis of these topics while also providing theoretically based and practically relevant insights on how the industry must evolve to keep up with, and perhaps anticipate, changes in culture, society, and technology.

    This book will be of interest to scholars, industry professionals, and advanced undergraduate and graduate students in public relations and strategic communication.



    List of Contributors.

    Section 1. Trends shaping the future of public relations and strategic communication.

    1. Questions of Power over (and Control of) Social, Political, Economic, and Cultural Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations and Strategic Communication

    Dean Kruckeberg and Marina Vujnovic

    2. The Growth of Malicious AI: Countering Disinformation and Deepfakes Amid Mega-Crises

    Marta N. Lukacovic and Deborah D. Sellnow-Richmond


    3. Responsible AI for Public Relations Practice: Applying Public Relations Practitioner Perspectives to Ethical Codes for the Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence

    Lea-Ann Germinder and Luke Capizzo


    4. Devolving Ethical Standards of 2050: International and Disciplinary Failure

    Shannon A. Bowen and Elina Erzikova


    5. Biohacking and Bioethical Considerations for Marketing Communication Campaigns

    Vitor Lima

    6. The Next Frontier of DEI: Communication & Neurodiversity from Now to 2050

    Allison Weidhaas


    7. When Big Brother is Listening: Impact of the Social Credit System on Strategic Communication

    Sabrina Page and Victoria Barry


    8. Beyond Big Data: Striking a Balance

    Melissa Dennis


    9. Behind the Velvet Rope: Influencers and Creators as the Future Entertainment Celebrities in Public Relations

    Kate Stewart and Karen Freberg

    10. Navigating the Future of Virtual Influencers: Hijacking Risks

    Ekaterina Ivanova, Alina Arti, Vilma Luoma-aho, and Juha Munnukka


    11. Consumerism as the Driving Force of Human Identity in 2050

    Alexander V. Laskin

    12. Re-engaging the ‘Eclipsed Public’ – The Challenge for Public Communication and Politics

    Jim Macnamara


    13. Facing the Rise of Postmodernism: Intelligent Goodwill as a Route toward Reinvigorating Public Relations in Face of Increasing Dissensus

    Burton St. John III

    Section 2. The future of public relations and strategic communication specializations.


    14. The Future of Public Relations, According to AI

    Nathan J. Rodriguez


    15. Crisis Communication in 2050: Sociopolitical and Technological Trends Shaping Crisis Communication

    W. Timothy Coombs


    16. Film, Television, and Entertainment Public Relations in 2050: Establishing a New Normal in the Wake of Streaming, AI, and COVID-19

    Chris DeFelice & Kyle Stanley


    17. Sport Public Relations in 2050

    Brandon C. Boatwright and Lexi Merriman

    18. The Future of Investor Relations and Financial Communication: AI, ESG, and Shareholder Activism

    Christian Pieter Hoffmann and Alexander V. Laskin


    19. Propaganda and Psychological Warfare Aspects in the Strategic Communication of the 21st Century: European Union’s Place in the Global Order

    Greg Simons

    20. Media Relations, Journalism, Law and Ethics

    Jeremy Harris Lipschultz

    21. Measurement and Analytics in 2050: Quantifying Digital and Analog Behaviors

    Nathan J. Carpenter



    Alexander V. Laskin is a Professor of Advertising and Public Relations at Quinnipiac University, USA.

    Karen Freberg is a Professor in Strategic Communications at the University of Louisville, USA.