1st Edition

Public Relations and the History of Ideas

By Simon Moore Copyright 2014
    158 Pages
    by Routledge

    158 Pages
    by Routledge

    This innovative book explores ten great works, by well-known thinkers and orators, whose impact has been intellectual, practical and global. Most of the works significantly precede public relations as a phrase or profession, but all are in no doubt about the force of planned public communication, and the power that lies with those managing the process.

    The works are stimulating and diverse and were written to address some of society’s biggest challenges. Although not traditionally the focus of public relations research, they have all had a global impact as communicators and as the foundation for fundamental ideas, from spirituality to war and economics to social justice. Each addresses the implications of structured communication between organizations and societies, and scrutinizes or advocates activities that are now central to PR and its morality. They could not ignore PR, and PR cannot ignore them.

    This book will be essential reading for researchers and scholars in public relations and communication and will also be of inter-disciplinary interest to study in sociology, literature, philosophy, politics and history.

    Chapter 1. Public Relations in the History of Ideas  Chapter 2. Virtuous PR - Confucius, Analects  Chapter 3. Noble Falsehoods and PR - Plato, The Republic  Chapter 4. The Problem of Perfection - Al-Farabi, On the Perfect State  Chapter 5. PR and the Subjugation of Reason - Luther, The Ninety-five theses  Chapter 6. Willpower and the Expansion of PR - Clausewitz, On War  Chapter 7. PR, Scientific Inquiry and Utopian Mysticism - Marx & Engels, Communist Manifesto  Chapter 8. Proofing Against Puffing - Mill, On Liberty  Chapter 9. Modern Campaign Management? - Gandhi, An Autobiography, or the Story of My Experiments with Truth  Chapter 10. Accepting and Fearing PR - Hayek, The Road to Serfdom  Chapter 11. PR’s Choice: Creating Audiences or Discovering Individuals - Jung, The Undiscovered Self  Chapter 12. PR’s Future: Irrational or Rational? Magical or scientific? Individual or collective?


    Simon Moore is Associate Professor and Chair in Information Design and Corporate Communication at Bentley University, USA.

    'Simon Moore’s book offers a full-bloodied rescue of the field from the narrow confines of managing relationships – and trying to quantify them – by reminding us that PR has to relate to the ideas of the time. As this can’t be done without knowledge of important thinking from other times, Public Relations and the History of Ideas offers an excellent primer that ranges across history, space, different fields of thought, and applied communication practice. It offers overdue encouragement to PR scholars and students alike to examine the essential and relevant cultural capital stockpiled in writings by key figures from the past.'

    David McKie, University of Waikato, New Zealand

    'More than a view of PR as descending from thought leaders, Moore offers accounts of PR as articulated by notable figures within various political, socio-economic and spiritual contexts. His observations on how power and autonomy have informed "managed public communication" enrich our understanding of the reality-shaping persistence of PR.'

    Burton St. John III, Old Dominion University, USA

    Editor of Pathways to Public Relations: Histories of Practice and Profession