1st Edition

Public Relations in Hyper-globalization Essential Relationship Management - A Japan Perspective

By Takashi Inoue Copyright 2018
    306 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    306 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Achieving your goals quickly and efficiently is both more difficult and more important in today’s hyper-globalized world. A new environment is being created by disruptive technology, radical new business models, digital communications, and a highly integrated global supply chain. It is a world in which a reality TV host and businessman became President of the United States, in which terrorists use social media to recruit members and to broadcast executions, in which the very existence of the nation state is in question, where everyone can communicate globally 24 hours a day at no cost, and in which a leader is much more likely to be at the center of a crisis. Today, successful global leaders will be those that have a working knowledge of strategic public relations as described in this book.

    For current and future leaders of business and government it is essential to understand the forces creating this very challenging new environment and to acquire a new skill set. This book provides the needed understanding and teaches you the skill of public relations as multi-stakeholder relationship management. It shows how to achieve your goals and objectives when others fail by building win-win outcomes with current and future employees, investors, suppliers, distributors, customers, governments and all the other stakeholders.

    Written by a veteran public relations professional and a visiting professor of major graduate schools of management.


    1. Public Relations for Top Management in an Age of Hyper-globalization

    2. Effective Stakeholder Relationship Management: Fostering Successful Global Leaders

    3. Historical Growth of Public Relations and its Development in Japan

    4. Standing Out in the Globalized Crowd: Brands, Reputation, and Public Relations

    5. Crisis Management Through the Eyes of Public Relations

    6. Strategic Public Relations and the PR Life-Cycle Model

    7. Media Relations Training: Successful Executive’s Competitive Career Advantage

    8. Evaluating and Measuring Public Relations Activities

    9. Essential Changes in Corporate Communication in a Digital Age

    10. Being Ethical and Successful: Development of the Self-Correction Model


    Takashi Inoue is CEO of Inoue Public Relations and Visiting Professor at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Management, Akita International University, and Communication University of China. He has over 45 years in public relations, and has published three PR books. He has presented numerous speeches on public relations, and is also creator of the "PR Life-Cycle" and "PR Self-Correction" models.

    Communication is one of the most important tools for global leaders. No one is born with this natural ability; rather, it is built through training, practice, and continuous learning. No matter what level you are in your career, Professor Inoue’s book offers the practical advice and real-life examples to help executives to hone the craft of communications, tell better stories, and motivate others to grow and transform the business.— Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of the Board, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

    Takashi Inoue makes a compelling case that public relations has the potential to help organizations and their managers cope with what he calls hyper-globalization. Dr. Inoue, who is Japan’s leading public relations scholar and professional, defines public relations as stakeholder relationship management. His Japanese perspective offers a global context that will help public relations professionals and their management clients understand and practice public relations in today’s complicated world.’ James E. Grunig, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland

    Takashi Inoue builds a strong case for the increasingly central role of public relations in the context of what he calls "hyper-globalization." His numerous examples and case studies detail both the promise and challenge of worldwide economic integration and disruptive Internet technologies. Whereas globalization increases the number and diversity of stakeholders, the time frame for decision, action and communication rapidly decreases. As a result, new public relations skill sets are required for public relations managers and corporate leaders alike. This book will point them in the right direction.’ — Glen M. Broom, Professor Emeritus, School of Journalism and Media Studies, San Diego State University

    'Asia will soon have the world’s largest GDP, but Rapid globalization and disruptive technology bring deep economic, social, and geo-political consequences as seen in global terror, global armed conflicts, fake-news, and declining local economies. For global executive, wanting to contribute solutions and run ethical organizations, Dr. Inoue’s book provides needed insights. Rather than just communication management, his unique public relations as stakeholder relationship management and ethics based self-correction model is a must reading for today’s global challenges.’ — Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Ph.D., Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University