1st Edition

Public Service Callings, Commitments And Contributions

By Marc Holzer Copyright 2000
    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    435 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume includes perspectives on public service selected from six decades of major public administration journals. Recurring themes include: motivations to enter the public service, positive and negative images of public servants and of government, conflicts between loyalty to the organization and loyalty to the public, morale, burnout, and turnover. The volume also includes cross-national analyses of the public service in other systems, proposals for rethinking public service systems, and questions as to the future of the public service. It recaptures a long, continuing debate as to the health of the public service, and in so doing suggests agendas for university research and administrative action.

    Introduction -- Role Models and Roles -- Images of the Common Good -- Harold D. Smith—Public Administrator -- William A. Jump -- The Mind of the Career Man -- Advice to the Eager Neophyte -- Branch Rickey as a Public Manager: Fulfilling the Eight Responsibilities of Public Management -- Are We Educating for Public Service? -- Universities and the Future of the Public Service -- The Legitimacy Crisis and the New Progressivism -- Student Attitudes Toward Government Employees and Employment -- What Motivates People to Enter the Public Service? -- Antecedents of Public Service Motivation -- The Public Service Ethic and the Professions in State Government -- The Public Service and the Patriotism of Benevolence -- Government in the Twilight Zone: Motivations of Volunteers to Small City Boards and Commissions -- Are Public Servants Satisfied in Their Jobs? -- Job Satisfaction Among Early Labor Force Participants: Unexpected Outcomes in Public and Private Sector Comparisons -- What Municipal Employees Want from Their Jobs Versus What They Are Getting -- The Effects of Public Service Recognition, Job Security, and Staff Reductions on Organizational Involvement -- An Updated Look at the Values and Expectations of Federal Government Executives -- Whistle Blowers in the Federal Civil Service: New Evidence of the Public Service Ethic -- Are Public Servants Staying or Fleeing? -- The Crisis of Morale and Federal Senior Executives -- Turnover and the Quiet Crisis in the Federal Civil Service -- Are the Best and the Brightest Fleeing Public Sector Employment? -- What Do We Need to Know? To Do? -- Some Aspects of Loyalty -- Next Steps in Public Administration -- Public Service: Attractions and Recommended Changes -- Research Needs on the Public Service -- Public Service and the Public Interest -- Political Foundations of the American Federal Service: Rebuilding a Crumbling Base


    Marc Holzer