1st Edition

Public Theology and the Challenge of Feminism

Edited By Stephen Burns, Anita Monro Copyright 2015
    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    144 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Public Theology is a rapidly growing international field of study which focuses on how Christian belief and practice engage with wider social issues. Yet, whilst the ultimate concern of public theology is the well-being of society, this body of theology has largely developed without integrating the thinking of feminist theology and its insights into womens' lives and experience.

    Public Theology and the Challenge of Feminism argues that public theology risks re-inscribing traditional constructs of public and private, civic and domestic, and uncritical notions of gender and the work and worth of people. The book brings together both theory and case material to expose how public theology has actively downplayed or ignored feminist perspectives and to reveal how constructive feminism can be for the future of public theology.

    1. Which Public?: Inspecting the House of Public Theology Stephen Burns and Anita Monro  2. Speaking with the Dialects, Inflections and Rhythms of Our Own Unmistakable Voices: Feminist Theology as Public Theology Nicola Slee  3. Public Theology and the Politics of Interpretation: A Feminist Reading Heather Thomson  4. 'In the Company of God and One Another': Feminist Theo-ethics, Heterogeneous Publics and Intercultural Churches Marilyn J. Legge  5. Issues in Feminist Public Theology Esther McIntosh  6. 'Princess Theology' and the Promotion of Women within Pentecostalism Jacqui Grey  7. 'Feminist Public Theology is an Ecumenical Issue': The Case of the NoToPope Coalition Julia Pitman  8. Homemaking as an Embodied Feminist Expression of Interfaith Encounters in Public Life Seferosa Carroll  9. Digging behind Songlines: Tonga's prayer, Australia's Fair, David's House Jione Havea  10. Elaine Graham and the 'Good City' Allison Fenton.  Index


    Anita Monro is Principal of Grace College at the University of Queensland,Australia.
    Stephen Burns is Associate Professor of Liturgical Theology and the Study ofAnglicanism at Episcopal Divinity School, USA.