1st Edition

Pulmonary Nanomedicine Diagnostics, Imaging, and Therapeutics

Edited By Neeraj Vij Copyright 2012
    316 Pages 14 Color & 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book provides an in-depth view on engineered nanomaterials (ENM) pulmonary effects and familiarizes readers with unique aspects of nanomaterial application and research, such as the effects of physicochemical properties on cellular uptake and toxicity. It focuses on the diagnostic and therapeutic utilities of nanomaterials in different lung diseases. The book discusses the novel applications of nanotechnology for the treatment of airway diseases such as asthma, allergy, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, cystic fibrosis, and lung cancer. It also discusses the strategies to overcome the pathophysiological and technical barriers as an attempt to synchronize the efforts of pulmonary biologists, chemists and clinicians to develop novel nano-based diagnostics, imaging, and therapeutics tools for airway diseases.

    Theranostic Applications of Nanotechnology in Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases Neeraj Vij and Aakruti Gorde
    Pulmonary Physiology and Pathogenesis of Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases
    Application of Nano-Based Systems in Treating Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases
    Multifunctional Tumor-Targeted Nanoparticles for Lung Cancer Shinji Kuroda, Tomohisa Yokoyama, Justina O. Tam, Ailing W. Scott, Li Leo Ma, Manish Shanker, Jiankang Jin, Corbin Goerlich, David Willcutts, Jack A. Roth, Konstantin Sokolov, Keith P. Johnston, and Rajagopal Ramesha
    Biomarkers for Tumor Targeting
    Nanotechnology in Medicine
    EGFR-Targeted Hybrid Plasmonic Magnetic Multifunctional Nanoparticles
    Nasal and Pulmonary Delivery of Macromolecules to Treat Respiratory and Nonrespiratory Diseases Durga Paturi, Mitesh Patel, Ranjana Mitra, and Ashim K. Mitra
    Nasal Drug Delivery
    Pulmonary Drug Delivery
    In vitro and in vivo Diagnosis of Pulmonary Disorders Using Nanotechnology Indrajit Roy
    In vitro Diagnosis, Techniques, and Challenges
    In vivo Diagnosis, Challenges, and Techniques
    1 ALI/ARDS
    Toxicological Studies Using Nanoparticles
    Nanoparticles for Targeting T Cells in Allergy and Inflammatory Airway Conditions Adham Bear, Laura B. Carpin, Conrad R. Cruz, Rebekah A. Drezek, and Aaron E. Foster
    Role of T Cells in the Pathogenesis of Asthma
    Treatment Strategies for Asthma
    Potential T Cell–Targeted Strategies for Nanoparticle-Based Therapies
    T Cell-Targeting Ligands
    Alternative Approaches
    Multifunctional Chitosan Nanocarriers for Respiratory Disease Gene Therapy Shyam S. Mohapatra, Subhra Mohapatra, Gary Hellermann, and Rhonda R. Wilbur
    Therapeutic Effects and Safety of Chitosan in Human Disease
    Safety and Efficacy Studies in Dogs
    Safety of Chitosan-Gene Nanocomplexes in Nonhuman Primates
    Respiratory Disease Applications
    Future of Immunotherapy
    Concluding Remarks
    Targeted Delivery to the Pulmonary Endothelium Yifei Zhang, Jiang Li, Xiang Gao, and Song Li
    Pulmonary Endothelium as a Target for Drug Delivery
    Targeting the Pulmonary Endothelium for Imaging and Therapeutic Applications
    Nanosystems for Selective Epithelial Barrier Targeting in Chronic Airway Diseases Heather A. Parsons, Rachel L. Damico, and Venkataramana K. Sidhaye
    Obstructive Lung Diseases
    NP Delivery of Airway Diseases
    Toxicity of NPs
    Conclusions and Future Directions
    Potential Respiratory Health Risks of Engineered Carbon Nanotubes James C. Bonner, Jeffrey W. Card, Stavros Garantziotis, and Darryl C. Zeldin
    Immune Cell Interaction with CNTs
    Fibrogenic Reactions to CNTs
    CNTs and Preexisting Allergic Asthma
    CNTs and LPS-Induced Airway Inflammation
    Effects of CNTs on Other Organ Systems
    DNA Damage and Aneuploidy Caused by CNTs
    Pleural Toxicity of CNTs


    Neeraj Vij

    "Pulmonary Nanomedicine presents comprehensive information on emerging nanotechnology applications in diagnosing and treating pulmonary diseases. It describes numerous drug delivery, gene delivery, and theragnostic approaches for managing pulmonary disease outcomes. The book’s editor, Dr. Neeraj Vij, is an expert in pulmonary medicine and has done an excellent job in producing a high-class textbook."
    —Prof. Rajiv R. Mohan - University of Missouri—Columbia, USA

    "This book is a comprehensive treatise on emerging nanotechnology applications in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases. It beautifully presents new drug delivery, gene delivery, and theragnostic approaches to improve pulmonary disease outcomes."
    —Prof. Uday B. Kompella - University of Colorado, USA