1st Edition

Punishment in the Community The Future of Criminal Justice

By Anne Worrall Copyright 1998

    Punishment in the Community: The Future of Criminal Justice challenges the widely held assumption that punishment through imprisonment is central to the criminal justice system. Contemporary political debate assumes that penality is synonymous with prison. However, in reality, the vast majority of people admitting to, or convicted of criminal offences are dealt with using non-custodial penal measures.



    Part One - The Principles and Politics of Community Punishment

    1. Introducing Community Punishment

    2. From Alternatives to Custody to Punishment in the Community

    3. The Criminal Justice Act 1991 and its Demise

    4. Constructing the Punishing Community. 

    Part Two - The Changing Role of the Probation Service

    5. From 'Advise, Assist and Befriend' to 'Confront, Control and Monitor'

    6. Taking the 'Social' out of Inquiry Reports

    7. Demanding but not Degrading? The Appeal of Community Service

    8. From Counselling to Instruction: the Development of 'Help' in Probation Discourse

    9. Unacceptable Crimes or Unacceptable Criminals? Sex Offenders

    10. Unacceptable Crimes or Unacceptable Criminals? Juvenile Delinquents

    11. The Future of Punishment in the Community

    Conclusion: Seeing Custody as the Alternative




    Anne Worrall is Professor of Criminology at Keele University, UK.