1st Edition

Putting Partnerships to Work Strategic Alliances for Development between Government, the Private Sector and Civil Society

Edited By Michael Warner, Rory Sullivan Copyright 2004

    This text shares practical experiences in establishing and implementing partnerships for development between business, government and civil society. The focus is on the oil, gas and mining industries, who increasingly operate in regions characterized by poor communities and fragile environments.

    Preface Michael Warner and Rory Sullivan  1. Introduction Rory Sullivan and Michael Warner  2. Building Blocks for Partnerships Michael Warner  Part 1: Case studies 3. Shell Petroleum Development Corporation, Nigeria: Partnering and Environmental Impact Assessment Rory Sullivan and Michael Warner  4. Integrated Coal Mining Limited, India: Livelihoods Assessment, Road Construction and Healthcare Rory Sullivan, Santiago Porto and Michael Warner, with Amit Mukherjee, Rajat Das and Joydev Mazumdar  5. Placer Dome and Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (Minera Las Cristinas CA, Venezuela): Healthcare Partnership James Tull, Edgardo Garcia Larralde, Alex Mansutti and Santiago Porto, with Nicola Acutt, Ralph Hamann and Michael Warner  6. Transredes, Bolivia: Managing Oil-spill Compensation Vicky Copeman and Enrique Rivas  7. BP and Others, Azerbaijan: Conflict Prevention Nick Killick  8. Kahama Mining Corporation Limited, Tanzania: Social Development Programme Rory Sullivan and Aida Kiangi  9. Konkola Copper Mines plc, Zambia: Local Business Development and Partnerships Rory Sullivan  10. Kelian Equatorial Mining, Indonesia: Mine Closure Ralph Hamann  11. BP Exploration Company: Contributing to Long-term Regional Development in Casanare, Colombia Michael Warner, Edgardo Garcia Larralde and Rory Sullivan  Part 2: Partnership tools 12. Getting Started Michael Warner  13. Partnership Monitoring Michael Warner  14. Measuring the Added Value of Partnerships Jol Mitchell, Jill Shakleman and Michael Warner  Part 3: Issues 15. Towards Evidence of the Costs and Benefits of Partnerships Nicola Acutt with Ralph Hamann, Assheton Carter and Paul Kapelus  16. Ownership and Control of Outcomes Aidan Davy  17. Companies in Conflict Situations: A Role for Partnerships? Aidan Davy  18. Partnerships and Local Corporate Foundations Ralph Hamann, with Nicola Acutt and Assheton Carter  19. Managing Community Expectations through Partnerships Aidan Davy  20. Learning from Project Partnering in the Construction Industry Dom Verschoyle and Michael Warner  Part 4: Conclusions 21. Conclusions Rory Sullivan and Michael Warner  Appendix A: Example of a Grievance-resolution Process Appendix B: Example of a Partnership Memorandum of Understanding: the Sarshatali Coal Mining Project Partnership for the Construction of a Metalled Link Road from Rasunpur Forest Area to Barabani Railway Yard Appendix C: Example of a Partnership Charter: Charter of the Kelian Mine Closure Steering Committee Appendix D: Checklists of Impact Indicators Appendix E: Examples of Impact Tables: The Tri-sector Healthcare Partnership, Las Cristinas Gold Mine, Venezuela, December 1999 to January 2001 Appendix F: Publications of the Natural Resource Cluster


    Michael Warner, Rory Sullivan

    This book helps substantially in clarifying the partnership idea. It focuses on partnerships in which business and industry have a leading role. This is a book for everyone who is interested in the follow-up of the WSSD: companies, social partnerships, governments and NGOs. Even more widely, this is a book for all those who are concerned about making the reduction of poverty a reality. - International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 5 September 2006

    One of the most definitive studies on partnerships to date ... Lots has been said about the benefits of partnerships over corporates going it alone, but rarely is this accepted wisdom fleshed out. - Corporate Citizen Briefing, June/July 2004 

     ... an extraordinary account of four years of very significant work in partnerships and is without doubt an enormously important contribution to developing literature in this field. - The Corporate Citizen Vol. 4 Issue 2 (2004)

    This excellent book ... has brought, to development literature and development practitioners, a rich and textured source of practical information and advice on how to put effective partnerships together. It provides direction on necessary conditions for effective partnerships, how to make partnerships thrive, the key pitfalls to avoid, and the the ways to monitor the partnership during development and implementation. For those in the private sector, government and civil society who are trying to address poverty and development challenges, this book is an exceptional business and development tool. - Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management Vol. 7 No. 1 (March 2005)

    Putting Partnerships to Work is about how partnerships work, the types of outcomes that can be achieved, and the necessary conditions for partnerships to be successful. - UNEP Industry and Environment, October-December 2004