1st Edition

Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Study of Developing Countries A Study of Developing Countries

By David Lim Copyright 2001

    This title was first published in 2001. Universities in developing countries have followed their counterparts in developed countries and adopted quality assurance to improve the quality of their activities. This text examines the wisdom of such a move when many of the conditions necessary for its success are not present. It concludes that quality assurance can be useful in developing countries because it shows how a university's seemingly disparate activities are related to one another to serve a common goal and how the quality of these can best be improved by using an integrated approach. Quality assurance also provides more focus and direction to the work of the traditional university system. However, it must be modified to suit the conditions prevailing in developing countries by being simple in design, modest in expectations and realistic in requirements.

    1: Education and Economic Development; 2: Principles of Quality Assurance in Higher Education; 3: Quality Assurance in Higher Education in the United Kingdom; 4: Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Australia; 5: Framework for Analysing Relevance; 6: Relevance of Quality Assurance in Developing Countries; 7: Quality Assurance for Developing Countries; 8: Quality in Papua New Guinean Higher Education; 9: Future of Quality Assurance in Higher Education


    David Lim