1st Edition

Quality Management Systems A Practical Guide to Standards Implementation

By Ray Tricker Copyright 2020
    258 Pages 109 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    258 Pages 109 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides a clear, easy to digest overview of Quality Management Systems (QMS). Critically, it offers the reader an explanation of the International Standards Organization’s (ISO) requirement that in future all new and existing Management Systems Standards will need to have the same high-level structure, commonly referred to as Annex SL, with identical core text, as well as common terms and definitions.

    In addition to explaining what Annex SL entails, this book provides the reader with a guide to the principles, requirements and interoperability of Quality Management System standards, how to complete internal and external management reviews, third-party audits and evaluations, as well as how to become an ISO Certified Organisation once your QMS is fully established.

    As a simple and straightforward explanation of QMS Standards and their current requirements, this is a perfect guide for practitioners who need a comprehensive overview to put theory into practice, as well as for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying quality management as part of broader Operations and Management courses.

    1. What is a Quality Management System?  2. The History of Quality Standards  3. Who Produces Quality Standards?  4. What is Annex SL all about?  5. The Seven Principles of Quality Management  6. Detailed Requirements for Management Systems  7. The Interoperability of Management System Standards  8. The Importance of Data Protection  9. What about Auditing your Quality Management System?  10. What to do once the QMS is Established


    Ray Tricker is currently working as the Senior Management Consultant for Herne European Consultancy Ltd., which offers organisations access to a range of highly skilled and specialist consultants to help companies enhance their business performance.

    "Highly recommended – Ray Tricker is a quality management professional having practised for many years and previously written useful, readable and informative books utilising his theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Ray’s latest book follows this tradition. It should help professionals and non-professionals in many fields understand quality management systems to ISO 9001 and ensure theirs operate efficiently delivering value to their organisations and its customers." — Nigel Moore, Director, Green Leader Limited, UK

    "Lots of technical books are particularly difficult to understand, as the author is usually aiming the book at a reader who already has an existing, high level of knowledge of the subject. ISO have completely changed the manner in which all Management Systems Standards will be structured in future, so Ray’s approach to writing ‘A practical guide to standards implementation’ has ensured that this book will be ideal not only for management experts, but also for an quality teams and professional auditors as well as academic researchers and students taking business and quality management courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. A ‘must read’ for anyone concerned about creating an environment that delivers high quality." David Wortham, Director, Rudder Limited

    "I’m now retired but if I was still working this reference book would take pride of place on my office desktop. The book is very well laid out easy to follow and could save the reader many hours of frustrating work."John Thorne, retired Senior Buyer for a large international engineering company