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Quality Management and Risk Series

About the Series

This new series will include the latest and innovative books related to quality management and risk related topics. The definition of quality relating to manufacturing, processes, and the service industries, is to meet the customer's need, satisfaction, fitness for use, conforms to requirements, and a degree of excellence at an acceptable price. With globalization and competitive markets, the emphasis on quality management has increased. Quality has become the most important single factor for the survival and success of any company or organization. The demand for better products and services at the lowest costs have put tremendous pressure on organizations to improve the quality of products, services, and processes, in order to compete in the marketplace. Because of these changes, the ISO 9001 now lists that risk-based thinking must be incorporated into the management system by considering the context of the organization. Quality management and risk management now play an important role in the over all quality management system. This means that books which cover quality, need to also cover risk to update practices/processes, tools, and techniques, per ISO 9001. The goal of this new series is to include the books that will meet this need and demand.

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Quality Management in Oil and Gas Projects

Quality Management in Oil and Gas Projects

1st Edition

By Abdul Razzak Rumane
February 24, 2021

This book provides the tools and techniques, management principles, procedures, concepts, and methods to ensure the successful completion of an oil and gas project while also ensuring the proper design, procurement, and construction for making the project most qualitative, competitive, and ...

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