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Quality in Education
An Implementation Handbook

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Book Description

Although hundreds of school improvement programs have been launched in the United States over the past quarter century, very few of them have been successful. The author of Quality in Education: An Implementation Handbook, an experienced quality expert who specializes in education, believes that many of these programs could have succeeded had their developers understood and applied the theories and methods of Total Quality Management (TQM). This book explains how to avoid the pitfalls that doomed previous efforts to failure, and apply TQM to build a strong foundation for success.
Beginning with the basic concepts and tools, this book is your complete guide as you embark on your quality journey. The handbook explains the importance of making a commitment to change and establishing a shared vision of quality, and discusses tools and techniques for overcoming resistance and developing a quality culture. The book covers new methods you can use to manage change, and includes exercises to help you apply the ideas in your organization. Examples from successful schools demonstrate how Total Quality Management can be applied to every area of education, from classroom management to building maintenance.
Quality in Education: An Implementation Handbook teaches you how to make fundamental changes to the way people in your district or school view education and themselves as educators. Using the principles and methods in this book ,you can realize the tremendous benefits of quality - continuous improvement in every educational process.

Table of Contents

What Does It Take for a School or District to Be Successful?
History of Quality
Total Quality Schools
Total Quality Schools Model
Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award for Education
The Award Criteria
Why Should Schools Implement the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Assessment Process?
TQM in Education
Characteristics of a Total Quality School
How Quality Supports the School Improvement Process
Implementing Quality in the Classroom
Classroom Design
Curriculum Issues
Evaluation Process
Discipline Issues
The Teacher
Parental Involvement
The Principles of Quality
Dr. W. Edwards Deming's Quality Principles Applied to Education
Examples of Quality Schools
Bay-Arenac Intermediate School District
Region 3 Technical High School
TQM Implementation Wheel
Organizing for Quality
Determining the Requirements for Success
Presentation to the School Board
Quality Steering Committee
Quality Steering Committee Meeting Guidelines
Creating Quality Task Teams
The Problem-Solving Cycle
Organizing for Quality
Planning for Quality
Implementing Quality
Monitoring for Quality
Problem-Solving Tools and Techniques
Team Building
Developing a Customer Focus
Beliefs and Values
Vision Statement
Critical Success Factors
Goals and Objectives
Quality Benefits Statement
Basic Problem-Solving Tools
Check Sheet
Pareto Diagram
Cause-and-Effect Diagram (Fishbone Diagram)
Control Chart
Scatter Diagram
Timeline Chart
Force Field Analysis
Affinity Diagram
Process Modeling
Professional Assessment
Cost of Quality
Quality Application Grid
Necessary and Avoidable Costs
Continuous Improvement
Examining Processes
Input-Output Model
Continuous Improvement
Why Technique

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