This book is about the lives of patients, about the health and social care services provided to help them, and about ways of examining the impact these services make on them. Based on the authors' experience of using and developing a particular operational measure, the Lancashire Quality of Life Profile, which has been used successfully in many different studies and countries, it provides managers and practitioners in mental health with valuable normative data, insights and ideas about the role of QOL in service evaluation.

    Introduction Part I Concepts and theory 1 Definitions and conceptual issues concerning quality of life 2 The development of a quality of life profile for operational use 3 Psychometric properties: reliability and validity 4 Quality of life in the mental health service context Part II Service applications 5 The quality of care and the quality of life in independent-sector residential homes 6 Quality of life of clients of a social services department 7 Community-based support and community mental health support teams 8 Activity-based services 9 Client subjective well-being in a case management service 10 Individual case studies using quality of life assessment in routine practice 11 The quality of life of clubhouse members 12 Long-stay patients and quality of life Part III Issues arising from application in service 13 Lessons learned from the experiences of applying quality of life to mental health services


    Joseph Oliver is Lecturer in Psychiatric Social Work, Peter Huxley is Professor of Psychiatric Social Work, the late Keith Bridges was Consultant in Psychiatry and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry and Hadi Mohamad is a Statistician in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Manchester.

    'All who are interested in research in this field or who are involved in the evaluation of services, will find this a fascinating and rewarding study...they provide us with the first major text to examine quality of life and mental illness ... it is highly recommended' - Community Care

    'This book will be of interest not only to practitioners in mental health, but also to those who manage and plan current mental health services and indeed purchasers.' - Breakthrough

    'This is a well-written and easy to follow book...I would recommend it to all those working in the mental health field.' - Health Matters

    'Excellent...this is a well presented text written in an accessible style...I have no doubt about recommending this as a sourcebook for mental health nurses. - Journal of Nursing Management