This book is about several questions regarding how to describe the quantization of the current density in an antenna and about the nature of the quantum electromagnetic field produced by such a quantum current density.  The second quantized  current  density  can  be  built  out  of  the  Dirac  field  of  electrons  and positrons while the free electromagnetic or photon field is built out of solutions to the wave equation with coefficients being operators, namely the creation and annihilation operators of the photons.

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    1. Basic quantum electrodynamics required for the analysis of quantum antennas 2. Effects of the gravitational field on a quantum antenna and some basic non-Abelian gauge theory 3. Conducting fluids as quantum antennas 4. Quantum robots in motion carrying Dirac current as quantum antennas 5. Design of quantum gates using electrons, positrons and photons, quantum information theory and quantum stochastic filtering 6. Pattern classification for image fields in motion using Lorentz group representations 7. Optimization problems in classical and quantum stochastics and information with antenna design applications 8. Quantum waveguides and cavity resonators 9. Classical and quantum filtering and control based on Hudson-Parthasarathy calculus, and filter design methods 10. Gravity interacting with waveguide quantum fields with filtering and control 11. Basic triangle geometry required for understanding Riemannian geometry in Einstein’s theory of gravity 12. Design of gates using Abelian and non-Abelian gauge quantum field theories with performance analysis using the Hudson-Parthasarathy quantum stochastic calculus 13. Quantum gravity with photon interactions, cavity resonators with inhomogeneities, classical and quantum optimal control of fields 14. Quantization of cavity fields 15. Classical and quantum drone design 16. Current in a quantum antenna 17. Photons in a gravitational field with gate design applications and image processing in electromagnetics 18. Quantum fluid antennas interacting with media


    Harish Parthasarathy, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), New Delhi (India)