278 Pages
    by Routledge

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    Quantum City explores the metaphorical relationships between quantum theory, urban design and the concept of the city, with a very serious aim: to radically change the way the urban realm is both experienced and designed.

    Using the terminology and themes of quantum theory and the 'new physics', the author draws the reader into an intriguing discussion of the principles, practices and operations of urbanism. This new language offers the missing interface between the different disciplines of the city, and promises to be a potent metaphor for the development of various theories for the 21st century city.
    Challenging traditional approaches to the theory of cities, this thought-provoking book will be enjoyed by both design professionals and anyone interested in the city, its history and culture.

    Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Worldviews and the city; 2. Science and worldviews; 3. Quantum theory: an introduction to basics; Interlude: mathematical chaos and urban complexity; 4. The quantum worldview; Interlude: Feng shui or the Tao of the city; 5. Twentieth century cities; Interlude: Cities and worldviews and cinema; 6. Urban design and the quantum worldview; 7. A quantum look to the postgraduate education and practice of urbanism; 8. Quantum analysis of the urban realm; 9. Implications for built form; 10. Transition.


    Ayssar Arida

    "A refreshing provocation which may generate the concepts and schemes to bridge the chasm between traditional urban design practice and graphic futures."
    Brian Goodey
    Joint Centre for Urban Design
    Oxford Brookes University, UK