1st Edition

Quantum Dynamics of Simple Systems Proceedings of the Forty Fourth Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, Stirling, August 1994

Edited By G.L Oppo, Stephen M. Barnett, E Riis, M Wilkinson Copyright 1997
    384 Pages
    by CRC Press

    384 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The present level of experimental sophistication in quantum physics allows physicists to explore domains unimaginable just a decade ago and to test the most fundamental laws of quantum mechanics. This has led to renewed interest in devising new tests, experiments, and devices where it is possible to observe the interaction and localization of just a few atoms or photons. These techniques have been used to reveal new nonclassical effects, to question the limit of the principle of correspondence, and to force quantum behavior in semiconductors.

    With contributions from leading experts in quantum systems, Quantum Dynamics of Simple Systems provides an overview of the present range of quantum dynamics, exploring their use and exotic behaviors. It covers specific subjects of quantum dynamics in a competent and detailed way with emphasis on simple systems where few atoms or electrons are involved. This volume will prove to be a useful tool for graduate students as well as experienced physicists.

    Introduction to Models on Constant Negative Curvature Surfaces (Bogomolny)
    Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (Brune/Haroche)
    Coherent Interactions of Two Trapped Ions (De Voe)
    Two-Photon Decay of Metastable Atomic Hydrogen and Bell's Inequality (Duncan)
    Quantum Localization (Fishman)
    Studies of Fundamental Interactions Using Molecules (Hinds)
    Quantum Fluctuations and Applications of Squeezed Light (Kimble/Oppo)
    Quantum Superpositions in Dissipative Environments: Decoherence and Deconstruction (Knight/Garraway)
    Optical Physics of Quantum Wells (Miller)
    Simple Quantum Dynamics (Stenholm)
    Atomic Hydrogen in Magnetostatic Traps (Walraven)
    Poster Abstracts
    Participants' Addresses


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