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Quantum Genetics

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ISBN 9781578085088
Published January 3, 2007 by CRC Press
174 Pages

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Book Description

The systematic review of quantum genetics based on the theory on non-Abelian gauge fields is represented in this book. The concept of fundamental conception of atom's protonic charge is also included. Description of the biological processes is conducted in a six-dimensional space with metric tensor 4+ 2-. The properties of main biological structures DNA, RNA and proteins are discussed on the basis of equivalent charge configuration of amino acids of the genetic code. It is proved that the conformal field of amino acids is equal to quantizied gravitational field with a spin of 5/2. This book is intended for specialists in theoretical biology, quantum theory of field, molecular biology and genetics.

Table of Contents

Preface to the English Edition
1. Generating Operator of Protein Synthesis
Quantum Genetics—is a quantum science indeed
Genome of Aedes D N V virus
Irreducible representation of icosahedron group A5,
group of generating operator of protein synthesis G96
Transformation of genetic information
2. Quantized Fields of Genetic Code
Groups A5 and G96
Matrix'α' Yang-Mills fields 4 Reduplication of field M(41)
Reduplication of conformal field
3. Informational Structure of DNA, RNA and Protein
Irreversible transformations of set
Informational structure of D N A
Supercompression of D N A
Informational structure of protein
Methylation of D N A
4. Quantification of Conformal Field
Alanine A { I 2 + 5 - }
Phenylalanine F {8+ 8 }
Glycine G {16+5- }
Terminator {16+5- }
Histidine H {I l + 2 - }
Proline P {I2+ 6- }
Arginine R {I l + 4 - }
Serine S{12+8- }
Tryptophan W {10+ 6- }
Field Basis ϕ {30+ 0- }
Tyrosine Y {12+ 7- }
Cysteine, Threonine, Valine C, T, V {20+ 14-}
Aspartic Acid, Asparagine D, N {19+ 13- }
Glutamic Acid, Glutamine E, Q {18+ 11- }
Leucine, Isoleucine L, I {19+ 14- }
Lysine, Methionine K, M {19+ 13- }
Concordance of Amino Acid Conformal Field (CFAA) Metric
Auto-dual CFAA Bundle
20-Parametric Lie Group of CFAA Duplication
Representation of information in a conformal field
Representation of entropy Ω+ 5. Equivalent Charge Configurations
Dominant configurations of
nucleotides in DNA and RNA
Dominant charge configurations of
DNA and RNA nucleotides
Euclidean space of informational nucleotides
C, N - Protein states
Cap-structure of matrix RNA
Function ΨU of tRNA
Mark OH4 of field ϕ
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