1st Edition

Quantum Implications Essays in Honour of David Bohm

Edited By Basil Hiley, F. David Peat Copyright 1987
    464 Pages
    by Routledge

    464 Pages
    by Routledge

    David Bohm is one of the foremost scientific thinkers of today and one of the most distinguished scientists of his generation. His challenge to the conventional understanding of quantum theory has led scientists to reexamine what it is they are going and his ideas have been an inspiration across a wide range of disciplines. Quantum Implications is a collection of original contributions by many of the world' s leading scholars and is dedicated to David Bohm, his work and the issues raised by his ideas.
    The contributors range across physics, philosophy, biology, art, psychology, and include some of the most distinguished scientists of the day. There is an excellent introduction by the editors, putting Bohm's work in context and setting right some of the misconceptions that have persisted about the work of David Bohm

    1 General introduction: The development of David Bohm's ideas from the plasma to the implicate order, 2 Hidden variables and the implicate order, 3 Collective variables in elementary quantum mechanics, 4 The collective description of particle interactions: from plasmas to the helium liquids, 5 Reflections on the quantum measurement paradox, 6 Quantum physics and conscious thought, 7 Macroscopic quantum objects, 8 Meaning and being in contemporary physics, 9 Causal particle trajectories and the interpretation of quantum mechanics, 10 Irreversibility, stochasticity and non-locality in classical dynamics, 11 The issue of retrodiction in Bohm's theory, 12 Beables for quantum field theory, 13 Negative probability, 14 Gentle quantum events as the source of explicate order, 15 Light as foundation of being, 16 The automorphism group of C4, 17 Some spinor implications unfolded, 18 All is flux, 19 Anholonomic deformations in the ether: a significance for the electrodynamic potentials, 20 Can biology accommodate laws beyond physics?, 21 Some epistemological issues in physics and biology, 22 A science of qualities, 23 Complementarity and the union of opposites, 24 Category theory and family resemblances, 25 The implicate brain, 26 Three holonomic approaches to the brain, 27 Wholeness and dreaming, 28 Vortices of thought in the implicate order and their release in meditation and dialogue, 29 Reflectaphors: the (implicate) universe as a work of art, 30 Meaning as being in the implicate order philosophy of David Bohm: a conversation, Index


    Basil Hiley, F. David Peat

    'This book should be of interest to anyone for whom physics is more than a set of calculational recipes. It contains brain food for everybody from the formal theorist all the way to the artist searching for new concepts' - Physics Today

    'A fitting tribute to one of the most searching thinkers in modern physics, and will become a standard reference work on the concepts of quantum mechanics.' - Nature