1st Edition

Quantum Physics and Life How We Interact with the World Inside and Around Us

    176 Pages 1 Color Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    176 Pages 1 Color Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    176 Pages 1 Color Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book reveals glimpses of how the quantum physics of atoms and molecules influences, and even controls, the way our cells function and how we and our fellow animals interact with our environment. Simply put, how birds fly and why grass grows.

    Certainly, biochemistry and molecular biology are the foundations for the biology of living cells, but there is more—quantum coherence and entanglement influencing the functioning of proteins and enzymes, and strictly speaking, without the quantum phenomena we wouldn’t even be here.

    In the end, however, this book is based on the solid ground of science, presenting the many fascinating phenomena of how quantum physics makes life possible without any unwarranted mystification.

    Quantum Biology: Where It Came From

    1. Life and Quantum Physics

    2. Our World Is Just a Small Part of the Whole

    3. The Gecko and Life Upside Down

    4. The Quantized World

    5. Evolution: About the Origin of Life

    6. From the Big Bang to Black Holes

    7. As Time Goes By: The Arrow of Time

    8. The Art of Finding Your Way Back Home

    9. The Vision in New Light

    10. Photosynthesis and the Golf Putt

    11. The Respiratory Chain Sustains Our Lives

    12. A Sense of Smell

    13. DNA Repair: A Matter of Survival and Development

    14. Quantum Physics in Diagnostics and Therapy

    15. Not More Mysterious Than Necessary

    16. Consciousness: The Greatest Mystery

    17. A Glance at the Future of Quantum and Life


    Ingemar Ernberg is a professor at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, doing research on cancer and cell biology. Since more than 15 years, he is leading a popular lecture series on "What is life? The future of biology."

    Göran Johansson is a professor of applied quantum physics at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. He is currently active in the WACQT quantum computer project.

    Tomas Lindblad is a Swedish science journalist, publishing his work with Sveriges Radio, the National Swedish Public Service radio company, and several other outlets.

    Joar Svanvik is a professor emeritus of surgery at Linköping University. He has practiced surgery in Sweden at the University of California San Francisco, in Kenya, and as a shipboard doctor in Antarctica. Currently, he is active at the Transplant Institute, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Göran Wendin is a professor of theoretical physics at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. He has coordinated seven major EU projects on neuromorphic and quantum computing and is engaged in current and future Swedish and EU quantum computer missions.

    "Quantum physics is a field rarely grazed by biologists. Yet, as illustrated by this simple and charming account, a knowledge of quantum physics can deepen one’s understanding of life’s fundamental processes, including respiration, photosynthesis, vision, and DNA repair, and even explain how the gecko walks on the ceiling. An enjoyable ramble for the biologist or the merely curious."

    Prof. Sir Gregory P. Winter, UK, Nobel laureate in chemistry, 2018

    "The book tackles some of the most fundamental questions that underpin our century. Does quantum physics play a role in the intricate biology of our living cells? Throughout this thought-provoking book, the authors are exceptionally talented at creatively bringing to life complex concepts with beautiful simplicity to delight the general audience. This is a ‘must’ read for anyone with a curious mind wanting to explore the fascinating world of quantum physics at the intersection with life sciences."

    Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco, Åbo Academy, Finland

    "This a remarkable book. It explains many aspects of life using novel and easy to understand explanations involving quantum physics. From how photosynthesis can be explained by Albert Einstein’s ability (or lack thereof) to play golf, to understanding everything from consciousness to smell and many other topics, this very enjoyable and well written book is a real jewel and an absolute pleasure to read."

    Prof. Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

    "Quantum physics is 97 years old. Quantum biology has birthed and is growing, with known and still untold implications for biology, medicine, and physics itself. Quantum Physics and Life is a superb, broad introduction. The book is simultaneously deep, informative, amusing, and enchanting. Quantum biology and life will transform medicine. Read it."

    Prof. Stuart Kauffman, M.D., MacArthur Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada