1st Edition

Quantum Physics of Matter

Edited By

Alan Durrant

ISBN 9780750307215
Published January 1, 2000 by CRC Press

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Book Description

Quantum Physics of Matter explores the way in which quantum physics determines the properties of materials. The quantum physics of solids, for example, dictates whether they are good insulators, conductors, semiconductors, or even superconductors. At a deeper level, it explores how the quantum physics of nuclei and elementary particles determines the stability of matter and hence the range of substances that came into existence through the big bang and the evolution of stars.

Table of Contents


Quantum Gases
What is a quantum gas?
Quantum theory of a gas of distinguishable molecules
Identical particles in quantum mechanics
The photon gas - blackbody radiation explained
The electron gas in metals
Closing items
Appendix to Chapter 1

Solid-State Physics
Beyond tin disease
The bonding and structure of solids
Free-electron models of conduction in solids
Band theory of solids
The p-n junction and semiconductor devices
Closing items

Nuclear Physics
Energy puzzles
Characterisitics of atomic nuclei
Nuclear stability and binding energies
Nuclear structure
Quantum-mechanical tunnelling in nuclear reactions
Closing items

Particle Physics
The challenge of particle physics
Introduction to particle physics and its techniques
Particles and their interactions
The quark model for hadrons
Quantum physics of fundamental particles
Closing items

Consolidation and Skills Development
Overview of Chapters 1 to 4
Preparing for and taking exams
Revision questions
Interactive questions

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"…very helpful to beginners wishing to study physics."
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