1st Edition

Queer Community Identities, Intimacies, and Ideology

By Neal Carnes Copyright 2019
    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    The context for this work is defined by a second wave of social and political activity contextualized by queer. For example, three, self-identified black, queer women started the Black Lives Matter movement. For a new generation, the first-wave reclamation of queer speaks to their position in a world that continues to marginalize and oppress, particularly sexually and gender fluid and non-normative people.

    Using empirical work carried out by the author, Queer Community describes queer-identified people, their intimate relationships, and how they are evolving as a unique community along politically-charged, ideological lines. Following an exploration of the history and context of ‘queer’ – including activism and the evolution of queer theory – this book examines how queer-identified people define the identity, with reference to ‘queer’ as a sexual moniker, gender moniker, and political ideology.

    Queer Community will appeal to scholars and students interested in sociology, queer theory, sexuality studies, gender studies, cultural studies, and contemporary social movements.

    Acknowledgments or credits list

    Preface: A ‘first-waver’s’ lens in a ‘second-wave’ world


    1 Queer in practice and in theory

    A brief her/istory of "queer"

    The evolution of the queer moniker

    The first wave’s reclamation of queer

    Queer theory

    Queer: people, relationships, and communities

    Theoretical approach: Queer theory and grounded theory

    2 Profiles of participanting queers

    Participant profiles and queer awakenings

    3 Is there queer community?

    "I am queer": a shared identity

    Queer as an identity

    " Don’t yuck my yum": Policing queer

    Queer aesthetics and body image

    The personal is political and the political is personal

    Code for conduct

    Performing queer

    Fighting the good queer fight

    "Southern Fried, Queer Pride": queer in Atlanta

    4 "We’re here, we’re queer, and we ain’t going nowhere": The evolution of queer community

    Implications for queer theory and theoreticians




    Appendix: Methods



    Neal Carnes works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Behavioral Scientist in the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention.