1st Edition

Queer Futures Reconsidering Ethics, Activism, and the Political

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    Following debates surrounding the anti-social turn in queer theory in recent years, there has been a renewed interest in the role of activism, the limits of the political, and the question of normativity and ethics. Queer Futures engages with these concerns, exploring issues of complicity and agency with a central focus on the material and economic as well as philosophical dimensions of sexual politics. Presenting some of the latest research in queer theory, this book draws together diverse perspectives to shed light on possible ’queer futures’ when different affective, temporal, and local contexts are brought into play. As such, it will appeal to scholars of cultural, political, literary, and social theory, as well as those with interests in gender and sexuality, activism, and queer theory.

    Introduction Introducing Queer Futures, ElaheHaschemi Yekani, EvelineKilian, BeatriceMichaelis; Framing Activism, Adriande Silva; No Fat Future? The Uses of Anti-Social Queer Theory for Fat Activism, FrancisRay White; Cripping the Visual: Visual Politics in Crip Queer Activism, HeikeRaab; Intersexualization and Queer-Anarchist Futures, LenaEckert; Beyond the Politics of Inclusion: Securitization and Agential Formations in Brazilian LGBT Parades, JanSimon Hutta; Pink Prisons, Rosy Futures? The Prison Politics of the Pink Triangle, DominiqueGrisard; Beyond the Political?, Vojin SašaVukadinovi?; Race, Sex, and the Incommensurate: Gary Fisher with Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, José EstebanMuñoz; The Third World Queer, BobbyBenedicto; Queers in Concrete: Media and Intervention, AmyVillarejo; Ethical Challenges and the Lures of Normativity, JensBorcherding; Queering the Inorganic, Jeffrey J.Cohen; The Queer Ethic and the Spirit of Normativity, Roderick A.Ferguson; Queer Betrayals, JackHalberstam; Queer Theory Does It Raw, Aidan T.A.Varney; Affirm Survival, IngeborgSvensson;


    Elahe Haschemi Yekani is Professor of English and American Literature and Culture with a Focus on Postcolonial Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany.

    Eveline Kilian is Professor of English Literature at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany.

    Beatrice Michaelis is Deputy Director for Scientific Management and Coordination at the Max Planck International Research Network on Aging (MaxNetAging) in Rostock, Germany.

    'This is an extremely timely collection of work from emerging and established queer scholars. It offers an interdisciplinary and international consideration of the state of play within queer theory and politics; thoroughly addressing key theoretical debates, and pertinently reflecting on issues central to conceptualizations and practices of queer ethics and politics. Queer Futures works against a wave of queer despondency, pointing instead to a vivid queer future.' - Sally Hines, University of Leeds, UK

    'As queer studies embraces, rejects, looks backward from, or anticipates the future, expansive transnational and transtemporal conversations such as the one staged by this groundbreaking anthology highlight the field’s vitality. Imagining queer agency and varied forms of global belonging from Manila to Rio de Janeiro to Stonehenge, this collection redefines what matters in, and the matter of, queer theory now.' - Robert McRuer, George Washington University, USA