296 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    296 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Tang and Wijaya present a range of new and established scholarly voices, including local activists directly involved in developments in Southeast Asia.

    This groundbreaking collection presents the current state of play and longstanding LGBTQ+ debates in this often-overlooked region of Asia. The diversity of both the subject and the region is reflected in the broad scope of topics addressed, from the impact of Japanese queer popular culture on queer Filipinos, to the politics of public toilets in Singapore, and the impact of digital governance on queer communities across ASEAN. Taken in combination, these investigations not only highlight the operations of queer politics in Southeast Asia, but also present a concrete basis to reflect on queer knowledge production in the region.

    A vital resource for students and scholars of gender and sexuality in Southeast Asia, or any Queer or LGBTQ+ studies looking beyond the West.

    Introduction: Queer Southeast Asia: Itineraries, Stop-Overs, and Delays Shawna Tang and Hendri Yulius Wijaya 1. An Inter-Asia History of Transpuan in Indonesia Benjamin Hegarty 2. Exploring Southeast Asian Queer Migrant Biographies: Queer Utopia, Capacitations, and Debilitations Quah Ee Ling Sharon and Shawna Tang 3. Japanese Queer Popular Culture and the Production of Sexual Knowledge in the Philippines Thomas Baudinette 4. When the Gay Ivy Comes to (U)Town: The Globalisation of Higher Education and the Possibilities of Queer Student Activism in Singapore Daryl WJ Yang and Yogesh Tulsi 5. Emergent Queer Identities in 20th Century Films from Southeast Asia Atit Pongpanit and Ben Murtagh 6. Endurance as Queer Worldmaking in Northern Aceh of Indonesia Ferdiansyah Thajib 7. Queer(ing) Indigeneity and The Igorot Lesbians of Hong Kong Jose Kervin Cesar B. Calabias 8. Keep Singapore Clean and Chaste: Spatial-Sexual Discipline in Singapore’s Toilet Narratives Carissa Foo 9. Independent and Safe Panels for Youths: Queer Comics in a time of Southeast Asian Populism Kristine Michelle L. Santos 10. Viddsee: Queer Assemblages of Short Film Circulation, Distribution, Production, and Reception in Singapore Sim Jiaying 11. Ohm Phanphiroj’s Underage: Some Queer Thoughts on Photography and Night-time Bangkok Brian Curtin 12. Digital Governance, Human Rights Norms, and ASEAN: Sexuality and Gender Rights Meet Surveillance, Networks, and Data Anthony J. Langlois 13. Queer Vietnam: Early Notes From Sexuality Studies to Activism Daniel C. Tsang 14. Pedagogy of Queer Studies Beyond Empire Vina Adriany, Sharon A. Bong, Brian Curtin, Jaya Jacobo and J. Daniel Luther Queer Southeast Asia: An afterword Sharyn Graham Davies


    Shawna Tang is Lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Sydney. She is the author of Postcolonial Lesbian Identities in Singapore (Routledge 2016) and has publications on sexuality studies in Asia, non-normative women and same-sex intimacies in Singapore, the globalisation of same-sex marriage and LGBT politics in Singapore and Indonesia, older lesbian sexualities in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, older lesbians’ transmasculinities in Asia, affirmative feminist studies of transmasculine boyhoods in Israel, the politics of the intimate in neoliberal university settings, and pedagogies of difference and inclusion in Australia as part of Asia.

    Hendri Yulius Wijaya is an Indonesian writer and the author of Intimate Assemblages: The Politics of Queer Identities and Sexualities in Indonesia (2020). He completed a research master’s degree in Gender and Cultural Studies at The University of Sydney and a master’s degree in Public Policy at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. He writes about gender, sexuality, popular culture, and sustainability for a mainstream audience in Indonesia. His writing has been published in Indonesia and the Malay World, Laws, Social Text Online, Jakarta Post, Esquire, TEMPO, and New Mandala, among others. He currently works full time on sustainability issues with large businesses, SMEs, government, and universities. He has also published a poetry collection, Stonewall Tak Mampir di Atlantis (2020) and co-edited a queer speculative short stories collection, Parade Yang Tak Pernah Usai: Yang Lalu, Sekarang, dan Akan Menjadi (2022). Both are available in Bahasa Indonesia.

    "Queer Southeast Asia showcases the current trends and developments of LGBTQ+ debates taking place throughout Southeast Asia. It offers a rich, dynamic collection of theoretical and methodological innovation and scholarship by researchers, activists and educators. Queer Southeast Asia makes a powerful and highly relevant contribution to regional and global discussions involving contemporary LGBTQ+ communities, culture, media and politics, especially in relation to emerging transnational concerns and challenges."---Dr Baden Offord, Professor of Cultural Studies and Human Rights, Curtin University

    "This pioneering book provides an essential guide to queer histories, cultures and social movements in the Southeast Asian context. Challenging a West-centred queer epistemology and championing an Inter-Asian cultural studies approach, this exciting volume places Southeast Asia at the heart of queer knowledge and global queer politics."---Associate Professor Hongwei Bao, author of Queer China, Lesbian and Gay Literature and Visual Culture under Postsocialism

    "Just as queerness implies an unfixed space of change and difference, Southeast Asia represents a region that perpetually defies conventional scholarly practice. At the juncture of these two epistemic formations, this book introduces some of the most cutting-edge research in the study of global queer Asia. It features an impressive diversity of topics, in terms of both breadth and depth, ranging from trans categorization, migrant labor, gay pornography, student activism, film history, postcolonial indigeneity, toilet habits, queer comics, online video streaming, experimental photography, digital governance, to sexuality studies and queer pedagogy."---Howard Chiang, author of Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific