1st Edition

Queer Spaces An Atlas of LGBTQ+ Places and Stories

Edited By Adam Nathaniel Furman, Joshua Mardell Copyright 2022
    240 Pages
    by RIBA Publishing

    An independent bookshop in Glasgow. An ice cream parlour in Havana, where strawberry is the queerest choice. A cathedral in ruins in Managua, occupied by the underground LGBTQIA+ community.

    Queer people have always found ways to exist and be together, and there will always be a need for queer spaces. In this lavishly illustrated volume, Adam Nathaniel Furman and Joshua Mardell have gathered together a community of contributors to share stories of spaces that range from the educational to the institutional to the re-appropriated, and many more besides. With historic, contemporary and speculative examples from around the world, Queer Spaces recognises LGBTQIA+ life past and present as strong, vibrant, vigorous, and worthy of its own place in history. Looking forward, it suggests visions of what form these spaces may take in the future to continue uplifting queer lives. Featured spaces include:

    • Black Lesbian and Gay Centre, London
    • Category Is Books, Glasgow
    • Christopher Street, New York
    • Coppelia, Havana
    • New Sazae, Tokyo
    • ONE Institute for Homophile Studies, Los Angeles
    • Pop-Up spaces, Dhaka
    • Queer House Party, Online
    • Santiago Apóstol Cathedral, Managua
    • Trans Memory Archive, Buenos Aires
    • Victorian Pride Centre, Melbourne


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    Foreword by Olivia Laing

    Introduction by Adam Nathaniel Furman & Joshua Mardell

    «DOMESTIC» Train Journey between Premiá de Mar and Barcelona

    Ailo Ribas

    Fonthill Abbey

    Whitney Davis

    Former Knockaloe Internment Camp

    Kit Heyam

    Light Coffin

    Alyssa Ueno

    Plas Newydd

    Freya Gowrley

    The Palaces of Ludwig II

    Sean Edgecomb

    Two Up, Two Down Terrace

    Helen Smith

    A la Ronde

    Freya Gowrley

    A Hijra Guru Ma’s Rooftop

    Ruhul Abdin

    Prospect Cottage

    Chris McCormack

    Holy Trinity Church

    Kit Heyam

    Hotel Gondolin

    Facundo Ravuelta

    Villa Lysis

    Robert Aldrich

    ‘Miss Green’, ‘Ye Olde Communists’ Rest’ and ‘Riversdale’

    Jane Stevenson


    Robert Aldrich


    Jane Stevenson

    Yannnis Tsarouchis’ House

    Andreas Angelidakis


    Elizabeth Darling


    Katarina Bonnevier


    Helen Smith Thomas

    Barrett’s Lee Priory

    Matthew M Reeve Rehovot and Doron von Beider

    «COMMUNAL» Former Guildford Hotel

    Kit Heyam

    New Sazae

    Takeshi Dylan

    Sadachi Taormina

    Robert Aldrich


    Ailo Ribas

    Factory Nightclub

    Andreas Angelidakis

    Black Lesbian and Gay Centre

    Veronica McKenzie Alan

    Buchsbaum's Office

    Ivan Munuera


    León Daniel

    The Cave of Harmony

    Elizabeth Darling

    Haven for Artists

    Nour Hamade


    Isola Tong

    Queer Space

    Andy Summers Banos


    Emiliano Pastrana

    Dragon Men

    Takeshi Dylan Sadachi

    Carolina Youth Action Project

    Seb Choe

    The Locker Room Project

    Jackson Davidov

    The Kloset Yuri Book Club

    Nichapat Sanunsilp

    Club Kali

    DJ Ritu & Lo Marshall

    El Hangar

    Regner Ramos


    Isola Tong

    Women's Anarchist Nuisance Café

    Sebastian Buser Bachillerato

    Mocha Celis

    Facundo Ravuelta

    Kitty Su

    Ekam Singh

    Stalled! Airport Prototype


    Circo Bar

    Regner Ramos


    Regner Ramos

    Temple à l’Amitié’

    Jane Stevenson

    Category Is Books

    Andy Summers

    Today X Future

    Isola Tong


    Robert Aldrich

    Casa I

    Facundo Ravuelta

    Inflation Nightclub

    Timothy Moore & John Tanner

    Royal Vauxhall Tavern

    Ben Campkin

    True Blue Studio

    Nichapat Sanunsilp

    Milner Park Hotel

    Ian Mangenga

    Campy Bar

    Takeshi Dylan Sadachi

    Centro Cultural Guanuca

    Sara Yaoska Herrera Dixon & Helen Dixon

    Palladium Nightclub

    Ivan Munuero

    Café ’t Mandje

    Jeroen van


    Isola Tong

    Odd bird theatre

    Ekam Singh

    Queer Space

    David Eskenazi

    Pop-up spaces for the middle/upper class

    Ruhul Abdin

    Museo Experimental del Eco

    León Daniel

    London Lesbian and Gay Centre

    Ben Campkin 


    Alexander Auris

    «PUBLIC» MASTERplano

    Vítor Lagoeiro

    Bishopsgate Institute

    Stefan Dickers

    El último vagón

    León Daniel

    Queer House Party

    Lo Marshall Caminito


    Sergio Galaz Garcia

    Christopher Street

    Sean Edgecomb


    Ivan Munuera

    The Norfolk Arms

    Helen Smith

    The Homomonument

    Jeroen van Dikj

    Trans Memory Archive

    Facundo Ravuelta

    Can Sanpere

    Ailo Ribas Floreat

    Beach Kiosk

    Timothy Moore & John Tanner

    Santiago Apóstol Cathedral

    Aparecida Arguello

    XXX Park

    Ruhul Abdin

    Museum of Transology

    E-J Scott

    Queer Shophouses in Colonial Malaya

    Soon Tzu

    Speechley Museo Q, Bogota

    Michael Andrés

    Forero Parra Glorieta de Insurgentes

    Sergio Galaz Garcia

    Former Central V.I. Lenin Museum

    Yevgeniy Fiks

    Victorian Pride Centre

    Timothy Moore & Nicholas Braun

    Aterro do Flamengo

    Ben Campkin

    One Institute for Homophile Studies

    David Eskenazi

    Sappho Islands


    Comparsa Drag

    Facundo Ravuelta


    Adam Nathaniel Furman is an artist and designer whose work has been exhibited internationally and is held in the collections of the Design Museum, the Sir John Soane’s Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Adam has lectured at the RIBA, Harvard GSD, UC Berkeley and the Carnegie Museum of Art, amongst others.

    Joshua Mardell is an architectural historian, and is currently an Associate Lecturer in the Department of History of Art at the University of York and Research Collections Fellow at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. He read for his PhD at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture at ETH Zurich.