Queering Nutrition and Dietetics : LGBTQ+ Reflections on Food Through Art book cover
1st Edition

Queering Nutrition and Dietetics
LGBTQ+ Reflections on Food Through Art

ISBN 9781032107943
Published October 28, 2022 by Routledge
292 Pages 33 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book presents experiences of LGBTQ+ people relating to food, bodies, nutrition, health, wellbeing, and being queer through critical writing and creative art.

The chapters bring LGBTQ+ voices into the spotlight through arts-based scholarship and contribute to experiential learning, allowing for more understanding of the lives of LGBTQ+ people within the dietetic profession. Divided into three parts, the first explores eating, food, and bodies; the second discusses communities, connections, and celebrations; and the final part covers care in practice. Topics include body image, eating disorders, weight stigma, cooking and culinary journeys, queer food culture, queer practices in nutrition counseling, and gendered understandings of nutrition. Exploring not only experiences of marginalization, homophobia, transphobia, and cisheteronormativity within dietetics and nutritional healthcare, this collection also dives into the positive connections and supportive communities that food can create. Special attention is paid to the intersections of oppression, colonialism, social justice, and politics.

This book will be beneficial to all health professionals, educators, and students creating and fostering safer, more inclusive, and more accepting environments for their LGBTQ+ clients.

Table of Contents

PART 1 - Eating, Food, and Bodies

1. Double Visioning: A Two-Spirit Reflection on Food 

Margaret Robinson

2. The Unbearable Straightness of Intuitive Eating

Maxie Castle and Lucy Aphramor

3. Invisibility – In Visibility: Art-Based Autoethnography of a Bisexual Vegan Woman with Type 1 Diabetes

Lee Ann Thill

4. Out of the Closet, Into Some Other Kind of Prison: One Gay Asian Man’s Journey Finding Self-Worth While Navigating Body Image and Eating Disorders

Jeffrey Sotto

5. Fermentating Trans Care: Embracing Animacy as a Life-Affirming Alternative to Nutritionism

Esther Kaner

6. Thirst Trap

Fran Lawn

7. Coming Together over Food: Coalitional Possibilities Surfacing in/through (Un)Healthy Queerness

Emerson "Kai" Armstrong and Shinsuke Eguchi

8. Queer(y)ing Foodways: An Agrifood Feminist Killjoy Critique of Narratives Dominating Foodways

Michaela Hoffelmeyer

9. Styling Flesh: Queer and Trans Bodies and the Neoliberal Commodification of Health Veganism

Fergal ó Baoill

10. How Sociocultural Structures Shape Body Image and Dietary Practices among Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Men’s Communities

Adam W.J. Davies, Dalia El Khoury, Nathan Lachowsky, David J. Brennan, and Ben Klassen

11. Delicious Queer Bodies

Deonté Lee

12. The Impact of the Outsider’s Gaze and Societal Norms around Food and Bodies on Queer Individuals

Alo Greening

13. Food has Genders (and Sexualities): Negotiating Foodways, Bodies, Weight, Health, and Identity

Ramiro Fernandez Unsain, Mariana Dimitrov Ulian, and Fernanda Baeza Scagliusi

14. My Daily Meal

Michelle Forrest

PART 2 - Communities, Connections, and Celebrations

15. The Eating Test: Notes from a Jewish Lesbian Omnivore

Bonnie J. Morris

16. Breaking Out of the Pack: Roller Derby and the Journey to Self-Discovery

Kaitrin Doll

17. Social Failure and Personal Best: An Autoethnography of Food and Gender in the Life of a Queer Youth Who Cooks with Vermouth

Edward Chamberlain

18. Recipe for a Queer Cookbook

Alex Ketchum

19. Girlfriends: A Culinary (Re)collection

Gunita Gupta

20. Gender-Reveal Cakes and Transphobia

L.M. Zoller

21. Meat Cute 

Mikhail Collins

22. Achāri Anecdotes: Exploring Queer Food Cultures in Indian Kitchens

Anil Pradhan and Andronicus Aden

23. Not Ready Yet

Laura Bockus-Thorne

24. Food, Consumption, and Queer Subjectivity in Contemporary American Cinema

Megan L. Wilson

25. Have You Eaten Today?

David Ng and Jen Sungshine

26. Food as Cultural and Body Shame: Experiences of an Ethnic Sexual Minority Emerging Adult

Enoch Leung

27. Turning Over a New Leaf: Uncovering Gay Identity Alongside a Vegan Journey

Julia Russell 

PART 3 - From the Front Lines: Queer Care in Practice

28. The Cerberus Helmet Project: Feast of Wisdom

Lynette A. Peters

29. Fairy Tales: Fables from BC Dietitians

Gordon Ly, Jon Leung, Peter Lam, Gerry Kasten, Treena Hansen, Shelly Crack, Anna Brisco, and Marissa Alexander

30. Still Dreaming After All These Years that Dietetics Be (Made) Relevant

Jacqui Gingras and Lucy Aphramor

31. Being Trans in Dietetics: A Step in the Movement towards Trans and Queer Liberation through Collaborative Conversation  

Kathryn Fraser, Nat Quathamer, and Marin Whebby

32. Light of a New Day

Fabien Lutz-Barabé

33. How Recovering from an Eating Disorder Made Me Queer

Kesley Moran

34. Nutrition in Chemsex

Jason Simpson-Theobald 

35. Ace(ing) ED

Mikey Anderson

36. "Going from Invisible to Visible": Challenging the "Normal" Ranges, Cut-Offs, and Labels Used to Describe the Sizes and Shapes of Transgender and Gender-Diverse Bodies

Whitney Linsenmeyer and Melik D.H. Coffey

37.  A Case Study Exploring Relations Between Creativity, Queering and Undoing Coloniality in Dietetic Theory

Lucy Aphramor






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Phillip Joy is an assistant professor at Mount Saint Vincent University. His research focuses on queer nutrition and health. He is the co-editor for Rainbow Reflections: Body Image Comics for Queer Men.

Megan Aston is a professor and the associate director of Research and International Affairs at Dalhousie University in the School of Nursing. She teaches and researches in the areas of social justice, community, family, and perinatal health.