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    The design and functioning of an information system improve to the extent that the system can handle the questions people ask. Surprisingly, however, researchers in the cognitive, computer, and information sciences have not thoroughly examined the multitude of relationships between information systems and questions -- both question asking and answering. The purpose of this book is to explicitly examine these relationships. Chapter contributors believe that questions play a central role in the analysis, design, and use of different kinds of natural or artificial information systems such as human cognition, social interaction, communication networks, and intelligent tutoring systems. Their efforts show that data structures and representations need to be organized around the questioning mechanisms in order to achieve a quick retrieval of relevant useful information.

    Contents: T.W. Lauer, A.C. Graesser, Introduction. M. LaFrance, Questioning Knowledge Acquisition. S.E. Gordon, R.T. Gill, Knowledge Acquisition With Question Probes and Conceptual Graph Structures. T.W. Lauer, E. Peacock, S.M. Jacobs, Question Generation and the Systems Analysis Process. A. Lipp, H.O. Nourse, R.P. Bostrom, H.J. Watson, The Evolution of Questions in Successive Versions of an Expert System for Real Estate Disposition. J.M. Carroll, M.B. Rosson, Design by Question: Developing User Questions Into Scenario Representations for Design. R. Mack, Questioning Design: Toward Methods for Supporting User-Centered Software Engineering. K.L. Lang, A.C. Graesser, S.T. Dumais, D. Kilman, Question Asking in Human-Computer Interfaces. A.C. Graesser, N. Person, J. Huber, Mechanisms that Generate Questions. K. Dahlgren, Interpretation of Textual Queries Using a Cognitive Model. J.M. Golding, J. Magliano, D. Hemphill, When: A Model for Answering "When" Questions About Future Events. A.C. Graesser, P.J. Byrne, M.L. Behrens, Answering Questions About Information in Databases. T.W. Lauer, E. Peacock, Question-Driven Information Search in Auditor Diagnosis. P.J. Steinbart, The Role of Questioning in Learning From Computer-Based Decision Aids. D.B. Paradice, A Question Theoretic Analysis of Problem Formulation: Implications for Computer-Based Support. A. Kass, Question Asking, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Creativity.


    Arthur C. Graesser, Thomas W. Lauer, Eileen Peacock

    "...the volume is ambitious....this volume offers some interesting and certainly wide-ranging perspectives on family research..."
    Contemporary Psychology

    "Lauer et al. have focused on ground that is important to cover....And the book has covered this ground successfully, which will ensure its usefulness both for future experimental study and for future implementations of questioning and answering systems."
    Computational Linguistics

    "...the articles in this book are consistently well written and informative. The strength of the book lies in the breadth of the background of the contributors and the variety of their contributions. This book should prove interesting to those who view accounting as the dissemination of information, including the many facets related to providing that information."
    The Accounting Review