1st Edition

Questions of Practice in Philosophy and Social Theory

Edited By Anders Buch, Theodore Schatzki Copyright 2019
    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    Humanistic theory for more than the past 100 years is marked by extensive attention to practice and practices. Two prominent streams of thought sharing this focus are pragmatism and theories of practice. This volume brings together internationally prominent theorists to explore key dimensions of practice and practices on the background of parallels and points of contact between these two traditions. The contributors all are steeped in one or both of these streams and well-known for their work on practice. The collected essays explore three important themes: what practice and practices are, normativity, and transformation. The volume deepens understanding of these three practice themes while strengthening appreciation of the parallels between and complementariness of pragmatism and practice theory.

    Introduction. Questions of Practice: Related Perspectives from Pragmatism and Practice Theory

    Anders Buch and Theodore R. Schatzki

    Part I: Practices and the Practical Dimension

    1. Bodily Postures and the Normativity of Niche Construction Practices

    Joseph Rouse

    2. Action, Practice, and Theory: Toward a Pragmatist Practice Philosophy

    Emil Višňovský

    3. On Plural Actions

    Theodore R. Schatzki

    4 Narrative Understanding and Originary Temporality

    William Blattner

    Part II: Normativity

    5. Practices, Technae, and Two-Dimensional Norms

    Mark Okrent

    6. Professionalism, Practice, and Knowledge Policy

    Anders Buch and Hans Siggaard Jensen

    7. Pragmatist Aesthetics and the Experience of Technology

    David L. Hildebrand

    8. Somaesthetic Practice and the Question of Norms

    Richard Shusterman

    Part III: Transformation

    9. From Crisis to Experiment. Bourdieu & Dewey on Research Practice & Cooperation

    Tanja Bogusz

    10. Practices We Know By--Knowledge as Transformative

    Antje Gimmler

    11. Practices of Self-Negation

    Mustafa Emirbayer

    12. Making Much of Doing with Hearts, Heads & Hands

    Charlene Seigfried

    13. Reflections on the use of positioning theory in the sociology of intellectuals

    Patrick Baert


    Anders Buch holds a professorship in technological expert cultures at Aalborg University Copenhagen at the Department for Learning and Philosophy. He has published articles and books on knowledge, learning, education, professionalism, and the professional development of engineers. He is editor-in-chief of Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies.

    Theodore R. Schatzki is Professor of Geography and Philosophy at the University of Kentucky. He is the author of, among other works, Social Practices (1996), The Site of the Social (2002), and The Timespace of Human Activity (2010) and coeditor of The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory (2001) and The Nexus of Practices (2017).

    "This remarkable collection brings together a distinguished group of sociologists, philosophers, and learning theorists to present the current state of practice theory and its relation to pragmatism in their respective fields."Stephen Turner, University of South Florida, USA