1st Edition

Quick Service Restaurants, Franchising, and Multi-Unit Chain Management

By Francis A Kwansa, H.G. Parsa Copyright 2002
    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    Learn about new strategies to improve service, quality, and profitability for quick service restaurants!

    Quick Service Restaurants, Franchising, and Multi-Unit Chain Management examines a variety of issues pertaining to quick service restaurants. Quick-service restaurants (QSR) are the dominant sector of the foodservice industry and a one-hundred-billion-dollar industry. Since their inception in the 1920s, quick-service restaurants have become one of the cultural icons of America.

    This informative book contains vital information on:

    • growth, change and strategy in the international foodservice industry
    • food safety as an international problem and the formation of outreach committees to combat the challenges faced globally
    • food consumption patterns and the driving forces that influence consumer food preferences
    • the differences between mature and younger customers’ expectations and experiences in QSRs, casual, and fine dining restaurants
    • consumer attitudes toward airline food
    • adding quick-service meals to airplane menus
    • factors influencing parental patronage of QSRs
    • a case study on how Billy Ingram, founder of White Castle restaurants, made the hamburger a staple on American menus

    • Foreword
    • The Restaurant Revolution—Growth, Change and Strategy in the International Foodservice Industry
    • Food Safety: A Public Crime
    • Changing Food Consumption Patterns and Their Impact on the Quick Service Restaurant Industry
    • Understanding Mature Customers in the Restaurant Business: Inferences from a Nationwide Survey
    • Consumer Attitude Toward Adding Quick-Service Foods to In-Flight Meals
    • A Study of Factors Influencing Parental Patronage of Quick Service Restaurants
    • A Review Article
    • White Castle: How Billy Ingram Made Hamburger “The America's Choice”
    • Creating Consumer-Driven Demand Chains in Food Service
    • The Restaurant Industry in China: Assessment of the Current Status and Future Opportunities
    • Impact of Mentoring and Empowerment on Employee Performance and Customer Satisfaction in Chain Restaurants
    • Strategic Information Systems: In the Quick Service Restaurant Industry: A Case Study Approach
    • A Conceptual Model for Quantifying the Effects of a New Entrant in a Competitive Restaurant Market
    • Study of the Changing Role of Multi-Unit Managers in Quick Service Restaurant Segment
    • An Exploratory Study of Determinant Factors for the Success of Chinese Quick Service Restaurant Chains
    • Integrating “My Fair Lady” with Foodservice Management: A Theoretical Framework and Research Agenda
    • Research Notes
    • Quick Service Chain Restaurant Managers: Temperament and Profitability
    • Strategic Alliances: The Economics of Dual Branding in Restaurant Franchising
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Francis A Kwansa, H.G. Parsa