1st Edition

RFF Global Environment and Development Set

    2172 Pages
    by Routledge

    RFF has always recognized that environmental issues have both local and global implications. Classic books in this collection include detailed investigations of population and economic growth, the role of natural resource information in economic development, the role of women in developing economies, and the use and protection of land in tropical as well as Antarctic settings. The RFF Library Collection brings back landmark books published by Resources for the Future throughout its nearly 60-year history as the pre-eminent research institution devoted exclusively to environmental issues. The Collection offers individuals and institutions the most classic and relevant literature across a range of environmental issues.

    Rural Women at Work: Strategies for Development in South Asia By Ruth B. Dixon 9781617260490 227 pp Natural Resource Information for Economic Development By Orris C. Herfindahl 9781617260452 212 pp Foreign Investment in the Petroleum and Mineral Industries: Case Studies of Investor-Host Country Relations By Raymond F. Mikesell 9781617260445 459 pp The Development of Tropical Lands: Policy Issues in Latin America By Michael Nelson 9781617260476 306 pp Economic Equality and Fertility in Developing Countries By Robert Repetto 9781617260438 186 pp Population and Development: The Search for Selective Interventions Edited by Ronald G. Ridker 9781617260469 467 pp The Seventh Continent: Antarctica in a Resource Age By Deborah Shapley 9781617260483 315 pp


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