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RFF Natural Resource Management Set

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    by Routledge

    In the early 1950s, the newly founded RFF convened the Mid-Century Conference, where more than 1,500 leaders could 'exchange viewpoints on important resource issues that appear to be of continuing significance for at least the next generation.' This collection gathers RFF's classic, most enduring works on subjects that have always been on the heart of RFF's research agenda, including how to value and measure the benefits from nature and how to effectively conserve and manage resources in an increasingly interconnected world. The RFF Library Collection brings back landmark books published by Resources for the Future throughout its nearly 60-year history as the pre-eminent research institution devoted exclusively to environmental issues. The Collection offers individuals and institutions the most classic and relevant literature across a range of environmental issues.

    New Deal Planning: The National Resources Planning Board By Marion Clawson 9781617260544 356 pp America's Renewable Resources: Historical Trends and Current Challenges Edited by Kenneth D. Frederick and Roger A. Sedjo 9781617260315 288 pp Land Use and the States By Robert G. Healy and John S. Rosenberg 9781617260537 284 pp Comparisons in Resource Management: Six Notable Programs in Other Countries and Their Possible U.S. Application Edited by Henry Jarrett 9781617260513 271 pp Perspectives On Conservation: Essays on America's Natural Resources Edited by Henry Jarrett 9781617260551 260 pp The World Copper Industry: Structure and Economic Analysis By Raymond F. Mikesell 9781617260568 393 pp Conservation and Economic Efficiency: An Approach To Materials Policy By Talbot Page 9781617260520 266 pp


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