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RFF Policy and Governance Set

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RFF research on policy includes the evaluation of command-and-control and incentive-based policy instruments, the comparative analyses of different regulatory strategies in a variety of settings, and the performance of alternative policy instruments like voluntary measures. The fourteen books in this collection range from theoretical works on the definition and governance of common property to applied studies on the enforcement of pollution control laws.

The RFF Library Collection brings back landmark books published by Resources for the Future throughout its nearly 60-year history as the pre-eminent research institution devoted exclusively to environmental issues. The Collection offers individuals and institutions the most classic and relevant literature across a range of environmental issues.

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Representative Government and Environmental Management

Representative Government and Environmental Management

1st Edition

By Edwin T. Haefele
January 19, 2011

First Published in 2011. Mr. Haefele is a thoroughly modern eighteenth-century man in that he brings to bear new techniques of political analysis with an undisguised preference for making the government of the American Republic as contemplated by the founding fathers really work for the benefit of ...

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