RFID Handbook : Applications, Technology, Security, and Privacy book cover
1st Edition

RFID Handbook
Applications, Technology, Security, and Privacy

ISBN 9781420054996
Published March 18, 2008 by CRC Press
712 Pages 342 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging is now used by the department of defense and many of the world’s largest retailers including Wal-Mart. As RFID continues to infiltrate industries worldwide, organizations must harness a clear understanding of this technology in order to maximize its potential and protect against the potential risks it poses.

The RFID Handbook provides an overview of RFID technology, its associated security and privacy risks, and recommended practices that will enable organizations to realize productivity improvements while also protecting sensitive information and the privacy of individuals.

Expert contributors present a host of applications including RFID enabled automated receiving, triage with RFID for massive incidents, RFID and NFC in relation to mobile phones, and RFID technologies for communication robots and a privacy preserving video surveillance system. The unprecedented coverage also includes detailed descriptions of adaptive splitting protocols as well as tree-based and probabilistic anti-collision protocols.                                                                                                                       

Drawing on its distinguished editors and world-renowned contributors, this one-of-a-kind handbook serves as the ultimate reference on RFID, from basic research concepts to future applications.

Table of Contents

Physics and Geometry of RFID
M. Mickle, L. Mats, and P. Hawrylak
EPCglobal Network
A. R. Grasso
Design Automation for RFID Tags and Systems
S. Dontharaju, S. Tung, J. T. Cain, M. H. Mickle, A. K. Jones, and R. R. Hoare
Far Field Tag Antenna Design Methodology
D. C. Ranasinghe and P. H. Cole
Contemporary RFID Reader Architecture
B.Jamali and P. H. Cole
Progress in RFID Education
B. J. Garner
RFID Reader Synchronization
K. S. Leong, M. L. Ng, A. R. Grasso, and P. H. Cole
Adaptive Tag Anti Collision Protocols for RFID Passive Tags
J. Myung, W. Lee, and T. K. Shih
Comparative Performance Analysis of Anti-Collision Algorithms in RFID Networks
W. Lee, J. Choi, and D. Lee
Maximizing Read Accuracy by Optimally Locating RFID Interrogators
L. Wang, B. A. Norman, and J. Rajgopal
Minimum Energy/Power Considerations
A. K. Jones, G. J. Dhanabalan, S. Dontharaju, S. Tung, P. J. Hawrylak, L. Mats, M. H. Mickle, and J. T. Cain
Electomagnetic Coupling in RFID
P. H. Cole and D. C. Ranasinghe
RFID Tags for Metallic Object Identification
M. Leng Ng, K. S. Leong, and P. H. Cole
WISP: A Passively Powered UHF RFID Tag with Sensing and Computation
D. J. Yeager, A. P. Sample, and J. R. Smith
From Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) to “Smart Business Process”: Preparing for a Pilot Integrating RFID
S. F. Wamba, É. Lefebvre, Y. Bendavid, and L. A. Lefebvre
Technological Requirements and Derived Benefits from RFID Enabled receiving in a Supply Chain
H. Boeck, L-A. Lefebvre, and, E. Lefebvre
A Prototype on RFID and Sensor Networks for Elder Health Care
M. Moh, L. Ho, Z. Walker, and T-S. Moh
Triage with RFID tags for Massive Incidents
S. Inoue, A. Sonoda, and H. Yasuura
RFID Tagging and the Design of “Place”
A. P. Mathew
Photosensing RFID Tags for Precise Location and Geometry Queries
R.Raskar, P.Beardsley, P. Dietz, and J. van Baar
RFID and NFC on Mobile Phones
P.Coulton, O. Rashid, and R. Edwards,
Applying RFID Techniques for the Next-Generation Automotive Services
P. Harliman, J. G. Lee, K. J. Jo, and S. W. Kim
Application of RFID Technologies for Communication Robots
M. Shiomi, T. Kanda, N. Hagita, and Hiroshi Ishiguro
Browsing the World with RFID Tags
A. Rosi, M. Mamei, and F. Zambonelli
RFID-Enabled Pr ivacy-Preserving Video Surveillance: A Case Study
J. Wickramasuriya, S. Mehrotra, and N. Venkatasubramanian
Is RFID technology Secure and Private?
S. jeh
Privacy and Personal Information Protection in RFID Systems
Y. Nohara, K. Baba, S. Inoue, and H. Yasuura
Multilateral Approaches for Reliable Mobile RFID Service Systems
N. Park and D. Won
ONS Security
B. Fabian, O. Günther, and S. Spiekermann
Practical Steps for Securing RFID Systems
T. Karygiannis, B. Eydt, and T.Phillips
Lightweight Cryptography for Low Cost RFID: A New Direction in Cryptography
D. C. Ranasinghe
Raja Ghosal, Alfio Grasso, and Peter H. Cole
Low Overheard RFID Security
S. Dolev, M. Kopeetsky, T. Clouser, and M. Nesterenko
Layers of Security for Active RFID Tags
S. Tung, S. Dontharaju, L. Mats, P. J. Hawrylak, J. T. Cain, M. H. Mickle, and A. K. Jones
Cryptographic Approaches to RFID Security and Privacy
K. Suzuki, S. Kinoshita, and M. Ohkubo
RFID Authentication: Reconciling Anonymity and Availability
Breno de Medeiros and Michael V. D. Burmester
Security and Privacy of RFID for Biomedical Applications: A Survey
E. Stuart, M. Moh, and T-S. Moh

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