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    by RIBA Publishing

    To ensure chartered architects are reaching a high standard of health and safety knowledge and the life safety of building users, the RIBA has introduced an online test based on a comprehensive curriculum to test for competency. This guide is designed to improve industry understanding of issues in accordance with CDM Regulations and prepare architects for the health and safety test. It provides practitioners with the required knowledge regarding site safety, hazards and design risk management to discharge their professional services and legal duties competently and safely. The 2nd edition features an update to the content relating to design risk management and statue to reflect the changes proposed by the Act and the Regulations, as well as a review of the relationship between these and the existing regime under the CDM Regulations. It includes a new chapter that sets out some of the detail of duties under the Act and the Regulations, including practical examples of how designer/architects might discharge their duties as designers and lead designers, considering how it compares to existing duties under the CDM Regulations.


    1. Preparing to Visit Site

    2. Undertaking Site Visits

    3. Site Hazards

    4. Design Risk Management

    5. Statute, Guidance, Competence and Codes of Conduct

    6. Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

    7. The Building Safety Act and Building Safety Regulations

    8. Building Safety Design

    Appendix I: Principles of human behaviour during an emergency

    Appendix II: Examples of site safety signs


    Dieter Bentley-Gockmann is a Chartered Architect and Director at EPR Architects Limited. Dieter is current chair of the RIBA’s Regulations and Standards advisory group and a member of the RIBA’s Practice and Profession Committee.