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RLE: Buddhism (20 vols)

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ISBN 9780415442916
Published July 24, 2008 by Routledge
5656 Pages

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Book Description

Both Routledge & Kegan Paul and Allen & Unwin were pioneers in publishing work on Buddhist philosophy long before the subject became fashionable in the 1960s, and this tradition has been sustained to the present day. Drawing on the deep backlist of these imprints, this new Routledge Library Edition brings together titles on Buddhism which were originally published over a period of fifty years or so, starting in the 1920s.

Table of Contents

Volume I: The Buddha’s Philosophy  George Francis Allen  (978-0-415-46088-0)  Volume II: The Buddhist Teaching of Totality  Garma C.C. Chang (978-0-415-46089-7)  Volume III: Buddhist Meditation  Edward Conze  (978-0-415-46091-0) Volume IV: Buddhist Thought in India  Edward Conze  (978-0-415-46098-9)  Volume V: Buddhism in the Tibetan Tradition: A Guide  Kelsang Gyatso  (978-0-415-46099-6)  Volume VII: Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge  Kulatissa Jayatilleke  (978-0-415-46107-8)Volume VII: The Wheel of Death  Philip Kapleau  (978-0-415-46109-2)  Volume VIII: Buddhism and Christianity  Winston L. King  (978-0-415-46110-8)  Volume IX: Dogen’s Formative Years  James Kodera  (978-0-415-46116-0)  Volume X: Footprint of the Buddha  E. F. C. Ludowyk  (978-0-415-46117-7)  Volume XI: Divine Revelation in Pali Buddhism  Peter Masefield  978-0-415-46164-1  Volume XII: The Central Philosophy of Buddhism  T. R. V. Murti (978-0-415-46118-4)  Volume XIII: Pathways of Buddhist Thought  Venerable Nyanaponika  (978-0-415-46132-0)  Volume XIV: Idealistic Thought of India  P. T. Raju  (978-0-415-46120-7)  Volume XV: The Philosophical Traditions of India  P. T. Raju  (978-0-415-46121-4)  Volume XVI: The Meaning of Life in Hinduism and Buddhism  Floyd H. Ross  (978-0-415-46146-7)Volume XVII: The Buddhism Way of Life  Frederick Harold Smith (978-0-415-46147-4)  Volume XVIII: Lucid Exposition of the Middle Way  Mervyn Sprung  (978-0-415-46150-4)  Volume XIX: The Buddhist Tantras  Alex Wayman  (978-0-415-46163-4) Volume XX: Philosophies of India  Heinrich Zimmer  (978-0-415-46232-7)


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