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RLE: Charles Dickens

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ISBN 9780415435956
Published February 4, 2009 by Routledge
2456 Pages

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Book Description

This small collection of books originally published over sixty years brings back into print some valuable works. As well as examining the art of Dickens’ writing, the emphasis is on the social and political background of his times and the influence this had on his work.

Table of Contents

Volume I: Dickens at Work  John Butt and Kathleen Tillotson   1. Dickens as a Serial Novelist  2. Sketches by Boz: Collection and Revision  3. From Sketches to Novel: Pickwick Papers  4. Barnaby Rudge: The First Projected Novel  5. Dombey and Son: Design and Execution  6. David Copperfield Month by Month  7. The Topicality of Bleak House  8. Hard Times: The Problems of a Weekly Serial  9. From "Nobody’s Fault" to Little Dorrit  Volume II: The Social Novel in England, 1830-1850  Louis Cazamian translated by Martin Fido  1. The Rise of Individualism   2. The Utilitarian Novel  3. Idealism and the Interventionist Reaction  4. Dickens: the Philosophy of Christmas  5. Implicit Social Comment in Dickens’ Novels  6. Disraeli: Social Toryism  7. Mrs Gaskell and Christian Interventionism  8. Kingsley: Christian Socialism  Volume III: The Imagination of Charles Dickens  A. O. J. Cockshut  1. Introductory 2. Humour, Positive and Negative  3. The Expanding Prison  4. Reform and Indignation  5. Crowds and Justice  6. Fruitful Failure  7. Dombey and Son  8. David Copperfield  9. Bleak House  10. Hard Times – Dickens’ Masterpiece?  11. Little Dorrit  12. Great Expectations  13. Our Mutual Friend  14. Conclusion Volume IV:The Companion to Our Mutual Friend  Michael Cotsell  1. Introduction  2. How to Use the Notes  3. The Notes  4. The Illustrations to Our Mutual Friend  5. Select Bibliography  6. Index Volume V:Charles Dickens  Martin Fido   1. Charles Dickens – His Life and Work  2. Scheme of Extracts  3. Comic Action: Nicholas Nickleby  4. Exuberant Domestic Optimism: Pickwick Papers  5. Comic Dialogue: Martin Chuzzlewit  6. Social Comedy: Nicholas Nickleby  7. Social Satire: Caricature and Irony: Oliver Twist  8. Comic Villains: Melodrama Tradition – The Old Curiosity Shop  9. Serious Dialogue: Melodrama Tradition – Barnaby Rudge  10. Description of Place: Sensational Horror – Oliver Twist  11. Structure: Thematic Unity – The Old Curiosity Shop  12. Structure: Introduction of Extraneous or Unplotted Material – David Copperfield  13.Symbolism – Bleak House  14. Serious Character: Mind Under Stress – Dombey and Son  15. Social Criticism: Emotional Appeal – Bleak House  16. Social Satire: Class or Type Representative Caricature – Hard Times  17. Serious Dialogue – Great Expectations  18. Insularity – Little Dorrit  19. Prose Technique – A Tale of Two Cities  20. Plain Narrative Prose – Great Expecatations  21. Serious Villains – Our Mutual Friend  22. Social Sature: Caricature of Class or Institution – Little Dorrit  23. Grotesque Caricature: Black Comedy – Our Mutual Friend  Volume VI: Dickens and the Twentieth Century  John Gross and Gabriel Pearson  1. Dickens: Some Recent Approaches  John Gross  2. Dickens: The Present Position  Gabriel Pearson  Part One: The Heroes and Heroines of Dickens  Angus Wilson  The Symbolism of Dickens  William Empson  Part Two: Sketches by Boz  Robert Browning  Pickwick, Dickens and the Art of Fiction  John Killham Oliver Twist  John Bayley  Nicholas Nickleby  Bernard Bergonzi The Old Curiosity Shop  Gabriel Pearson Barnaby Rudge Jack Lindsay Martin Chuzzlewit Barbara Hardy Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son  Julia Moynahan David Copperfield  John Jones  Chance and Design in Bleak House W. J. Harvey Hard Times  John Holloway  Little Dorrit  John Wain A Tale of Two Cities  John Gross  Great Expectations  Christopher Ricks  Our Mutual Friend  Arnold Kettle Edwin Drood  A. O. J. Cockshut  Volume VII: The Days of Dickens:A Glance at Some Aspects of Early Victorian Life in London  Arthur L Hayward  1. A London Medley  2. The Upper Ten  3. The Pleasure Gardens 4. "Something in the City"  5. On the Road  6. A Chapter of Horrors  7. Making a Night of It  8. The Great Exhibition  9. A Glimpse at the Theatres  10. Entertainment for All  11. Sensational News  12. The Songs They Sang  13. The Farringdon Hotel  14. Steam Travel by Land and Sea  15. Country Life  16. The Story of Forty Years  Volume VIII :The Dickens Encyclopaedia  Arthur L. Hayward  Volume IX :Dostoevsky and Dickens A Study of Literary Influence  N. M. Lary  1. Criminals and Angels  2. The Community of the Humble  3. Breakdown of Brotherhood  4. The Idiot: Melodrama and Ideal  5. The Idiot: Reality  6. The Devils: Disintegration  7. The Brothers Karamazov  Volume X :Martin Chuzzlewit  Sylvère Monod  1. Dickens’ Pre-Chuzzlewit Days  2. The Text and Its Variations  3. Starting the Machinery (Chapters I-XIV)  4. The American Episodes  5. Mrs Gamp and Mrs Harris  6. Pecksniffery  7. Crime and Punishment  8. The "Stock of the Soup" Thickens  9. The Salt of Pinch  10. The Evolution of Dickens’ with Martin Chuzzlewit  11. External and Additional Material  12. Martin Chuzzlewit and its Readers: Purpose and Achievement





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