1st Edition

RNA Genetics Volume I: RNA-Directed Virus Replication

By Esteban Domingo Copyright 1988

    This book analyzes the nature of polio replication complexes with respect to subcellular fractionation, responses to detergent treatments, and the viral/cellular proteins involved. It presents models for both initiation and elongation of RNA chains by the poliovirus replicase.

    1. Kinetics Of RNA Replication By QB Replicase 2. Replication of The Poliovirus Genome 3. RNA Replication in Comoviruses 4. Replication of Rnas Of Alphaviruses and Flaviviruses 5. RNA Replication of Brome Mosaic Virus and Related Viruses 6. Replication of Coronavirus RNA 7. Replication of Nonsegmented Negative Strand RNA Viruses 8. Influenza Viral RNA Transcription and Replication 9. Replication of The Reoviridae: Information Derived from Gene Cloning and Expression 10. Replication Of DSRNA Mycoviruses


    Domingo, Esteban