1st Edition

Race, Class, Gender, and the Struggle for Social Justice in Higher Education Unveiling the Unnamed Elite

By Angela D. Calise Copyright 2025
    290 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    290 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Offering readers an insightful exploration of the challenges faced by leaders in higher education as they navigate the complexities of promoting social justice and caring for minoritized populations, this book delves into their untold stories to reveal the triumphs and struggles of these influential individuals.

    By unveiling the undercurrents of higher education and the hidden dynamics at play, Race, Class, Gender, and the Struggle for Social Justice in Higher Education details the battle for social justice and the experiences of leadership elites, serving as an invaluable resource for anyone passionate about the intersection of leadership, social justice, and the imperative to create inclusive environments in higher education, shedding light on leaders’ motivations, behaviors, and barriers in advancing social justice on college campuses.

    This book will be relevant to instructors and students in higher education, leadership, and sociology courses, offering insights into the challenges faced by leadership elites in promoting social justice and supporting marginalized populations.


    Introduction: Unveiling the Ivory Tower: Unmasking the Higher Education Elite Power Players

    1. Revolutionary Leadership: Forging Identity-Centered Pathways

    2. Exposing the Systemic Triad: Racism, Classism, and Sexism in the Higher Education Elite Arena

    3. Untangling the Motivation Matrix: Archetypes of Power in the Higher Education Elite

    4. The Five P’s: Unleashing Change Catalysts and Battling Blocking Catalysts

    5. Leadership Elite Toolkit: Success in Social Justice

    Conclusion: Rebuild: Uniting Forces for Renewal and Growth

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    Angela Calise’s perceptive new book explores the high-stakes world of leadership elites based on race, gender, and class in higher education and offers invaluable strategies for advancing social justice based on in-depth interviews. Calise skilfully interweaves individual narratives with concrete tables that identify six essential frameworks for countering roadblocks to achieving leadership success in higher education. Her illumination of mindsets, barriers, and catalysts within the current educational landscape provides concrete and pragmatic insights for advancing and sustaining inclusive leadership practices.

    Edna Chun, Chief Learning Officer, HigherEd Talent; Columbia University School of Professional Studies

    As minoritized students caught in the maelstrom of warring political groups face a rollback of their most basic rights and protections, the role of elites in higher education has never been more important to examine and direct. In her timely and relevant research, Dr Calise exposes the problems the intersection of racism, classism, and sexism creates for students and, more importantly, provides practical strategies for addressing these problems head-on. Race, Class, Gender, and the Struggle for Social Justice in Higher Education is an essential guide for leaders and scholars of higher education alike.

    Alida Miranda-Wolff, best-selling author of Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations That Last and The First-Time Manager: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion