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Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Politics and Policy

About the Series

This new series of books is devoted to trends in race, ethnicity, and gender politics over the past decade:

  • Approximately a third of all Americans are non-white.
  • Latinos are now the largest minority group in the United States.
  • Racial politics can no longer be fully understood relying solely on a black-white lens.
  • The percentage of Americans who identify as more than one race is growing.
  • Immigration is central to the politics and policy agenda of the country.
  • Gender politics are especially affected by the growth in the influence of African American women as voters and the growth in the number of black women in elected offices.
  • Latinas are increasing their political profiles as well.

This new book series invites studies that examine and explain the political consequences of these dramatic transformations. Specifically, the series will publish leading-edge theoretical and empirical research that highlights and analyzes the complex and profound ways that either race, ethnicity, gender, or their various intersections, shape and influence political institutions, individual attitudes and behaviors, social norms, and the policy-making process. We especially encourage and promote projects that use intersectionality analytical research designs, designs that focus specifically on the complex ways race, ethnicity, and gender intersect and interact to shape politics and public policies.

A wide range of book types are invited for the series:

  • Original scholarly research monographs;
  • Core textbooks for emerging and changing courses;
  • Special topic books intended for use as supplemental texts in graduate and undergraduate courses; and
  • Handbooks, encyclopedias, annual editions, and other innovative forms of content that expand the discoverability of the politics, policy, and intersectionality of race, ethnicity, and gender.

Topics we are seeking include:

  • The Democratic Party Coalition and the Future of American Politics
  • The Political Effects of Inequality in American Politics
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: An Intersectionality Perspective
  • Handbook of Intersectionality in the Social Sciences

Published in collaboration with The Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Social Sciences (REGSS) at Duke University.

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Historic Firsts in U.S. Elections Trailblazing Candidates in Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Mayoral Campaigns

Historic Firsts in U.S. Elections: Trailblazing Candidates in Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Mayoral Campaigns

1st Edition

Edited By Evelyn M. Simien
April 18, 2022

Historic Firsts in U.S. Elections:Trailblazing Candidates in Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Mayoral Campaigns examines barrier-breaking figures across various types of elective offices and constituent groups. The moment in which historic firsts enter the electoral arena, and the unique campaigns...

Latinas and the Politics of Urban Spaces

Latinas and the Politics of Urban Spaces

1st Edition

Edited By Sharon Navarro, Lilliana Saldaña
December 31, 2020

This book illuminates the ways in which Chicanas, Puerto Rican women, and other Latinas organize and lead social movements, either on the ground or digitally, in major cities of the continental United States and Puerto Rico. It shows how they challenge racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-immigrant...

Black Politics in Transition Immigration, Suburbanization, and Gentrification

Black Politics in Transition: Immigration, Suburbanization, and Gentrification

1st Edition

Edited By Candis Watts Smith, Christina Greer
October 24, 2018

Black Politics in Transition considers the impact of three transformative forces—immigration, suburbanization, and gentrification—on Black politics today. Demographic changes resulting from immigration and ethnic blending are dramatically affecting the character and identity of Black populations ...

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