1st Edition

Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

By Jorge I Dominguez Copyright 1994

    First Published in 1994. In nearly all racially and ethnically heterogeneous societies, there is overt national conflict among parties and social movements organized on the basis of race and ethnicity. Such conflict has been much less evident in Latin America. Scholars have pondered the nature of race and ethnicity with regard to both Afro- American and Indo-American societies, though research on Brazil has been particularly prominent. Special attention has been given to the relationship between social class and race and ethnicity.

    Introduction; Race and Class in Mexico; On the Concept of Social Race in the Americas; Colour Prejudice in Brazil; Mass Immigration and Modernization in Argentina; Race, Color, and Class in Central America and the Andes; Beyond Poverty: The Negro and the Mulatto in Brazil; The Present Status of Mro-American Research in Latin America; Mrican Culture in Brazilian Art; A Comparative Study of the Assimilation of the Chinese in New York City and Lima, Peru; Ethnicity, Secret Societies, and Associations: The Japanese in Brazil; Research in the Political Economy of Mro-Latin America; Minority Oppression: Toward Analyses that Clarify and Strategies that Liberate; Brazilian Racial Democracy: Reality or Myth? Race and Class in Brazil: Historical Perspectives; Peasant Politics and the Mexican State: Indigenous Compliance in Highland Chiapas; Black Political Protest in Sao Paulo, 1888-1988; Challenging the Nation-State in Latin America; Rethinking Race in Brazil


    Jorge I. Dominguez Harvard University