1st Edition

Race and Masculinity in Gay Men’s Pornography Deconstructing the Big Black Beast

By Desmond Francis Goss Copyright 2022
    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book unpacks the character of pornographic representations of queer Black masculinity and how these representations vary between corporate and noncorporate producers. The author argues that representations of Black men in gay porn rely on stereotypes of Black masculinity to arouse consumers, especially those which characterize Black men as "missing links" or focus excessively on their "dark phalluses." Moreover, these depictions consistently separate gay Black and white men’s sexuality into bifurcated discursive spaces, thereby essentializing sexual aspects of racial identity. Lastly, though such depictions are less prevalent in user-submitted videos, overall, both user-submitted and corporate content reify stereotypes about Black masculinity.

    This book is written for researchers, lecturers, and graduate courses in the social sciences and humanities, including Sociology, Social Psychology, Sexuality, African American Studies, Women and Gender Studies, LGBTQ Studies, Culture and Art Studies, Porn Studies, Social Media Studies, and Public Health.

    1. Unpacking Porn: Race, Sexuality, and Masculinity

    2. The Insolubility of Black and Queer

    3. Porn, Past and Present

    4. Identity, Power, and Performativity

    5. Procedures and Analyses

    6. Dark Phalluses: Preoccupation and Dismemberment

    7. Missing Links: Primitiveness and Primality

    8. Separate Spaces: Bifurcation and Essentialism

    9. Can the Subaltern Fuck?


    Desmond Francis Goss earned a BA in Psychology, an MA in Public Sociology, and a PhD in Sociology from Georgia State University in 2017, where he is now a Lecturer and Founding Director of the Social Justice Certificate Program. He is a theory-driven qualitative scholar, whose research and teaching involves critical analyses of identity, lived experience, and power, at the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality. His work is published in the edited volumes Sex Matters (2018) and Focus on Social Problems (2016/2017).