258 Pages
    by Routledge

    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    Race offers a compelling introduction to the study of ideas related to race throughout history. Its breadth of coverage, both geographically and temporally, provides readers with an expansive, global understanding of the term from the classical period onwards. This concise guide offers an overview of:  

    • Intersections of Race and Gender
    • Race and Social Theory
    • Identity, Ethnicity, and Immigration
    • Whiteness
    • Legislative and Judicial Markings of Difference
    • Race in South Africa, Israel, East Asia, Asian America
    • Blackness in a Global Context
    • Race in the History of Science
    • Critical Race Theory 

    This clear and engaging study is essential reading for students of Literature, Culture, and Race.

    Introduction  Part I: Fixing the fetters of race  Chapter 1: Marking barbarians, Muslims, Jews, Ethiopians, Africans, Moors, or blacks  Chapter 2: Pseudo-scientific markings of difference   Part II: Recasting the fetters of race  Chapter 3: Legislative, governmental, and judicial markings of difference  Chapter 4: Slavery and race  Part III: Loosening the fetters of face  Chapter 5: Race and epistemologies of otherness  Conclusion: race in the world


    Martin Orkin is a Professor at the University of Haifa in Israel, where he teaches in the departments of Theatre and English.

    Alexa Alice Joubin is a Professor of English, Theatre, International Affairs, and East Asian Languages and Literatures at George Washington University, USA, where she co-founded the Digital Humanities Institute.