1st Edition

Race/Sex Their Sameness, Difference and Interplay

Edited By Naomi Zack Copyright 1997

    Race/Sex is the first forum for combined discussion of racial theory and gender theory. In sixteen articles, avant-garde scholars of African American philosophy and liberatory criticism explore and explode the categories of race, sex and gender into new trajectories that include sexuality, black masculinity and mixed-race identity.

    Introduction, Naomi Zack; Part A Analysis; Chapter 1 Metaphysical Racism, Berel Lang; Chapter 2 Race and Philosophic Meaning, Naomi Zack; Chapter 3 Racism as a Model for Understanding Sexism, J.L.A. Garcia; Chapter 4 Racism and Sexism, James P. Sterba; Part B Comparison; Chapter 5 “But would that Still be me?”, Anthony Appiah; Chapter 6 Parallels of Ethnicity and Gender, J. Angelo Corlett; Chapter 7 Race, Gender, and Human Nature, Nancy Holmstrom; Chapter 8 The Influence of Gender and Rage Status on Self-Esteem during Childhood and Adolescence, Helena Jia Hershel; Part C Phenomenology; Chapter 9 Race, Sex, and Matrices of Desire in an Antiblack World, Lewis R. Gordon; Chapter 10 Body Badges, Kevin Thomas Miles; Chapter 11 The American Sexualization of Race, Naomi Zack; Chapter 12 Mixed-Race Women, Maria P.P. Root; Part D Performance; Chapter 13 Methexis vs. Mimesis, Freda Scott Giles; Chapter 14 Passing Beyond the Other Race or Sex, Laurie Shrage; Chapter 15 Voiced Bodies/Embodied Voices, Judith Bradford, Crispin Sartwell; Chapter 16 Malcolm X, John P. Pittman;


    Naomi Zack is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the SUNY, Albany.

    "...Zack's project usefully brings questions of race and sex into an analytical area where they are not usually considered..." -- Ranjana Khanna, Signs