1st Edition

Radar Signal Analysis and Processing Using MATLAB

ISBN 9781420066432
Published June 19, 2008 by Chapman and Hall/CRC
504 Pages 204 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Offering radar-related software for the analysis and design of radar waveform and signal processing, Radar Signal Analysis and Processing Using MATLAB® provides a comprehensive source of theoretical and practical information on radar signals, signal analysis, and radar signal processing with companion MATLAB® code.

After an overview of radar systems operation and design, the book reviews elements of signal theory relevant to radar detection and radar signal processing, along with random variables and processes. The author then presents the unique characteristic of the matched filter and develops a general formula for the output of the matched filter that is valid for any waveform. He analyzes several analog waveforms, including the linear frequency modulation pulse and stepped frequency waveforms, as well as unmodulated pulse-train, binary, polyphase, and frequency codes. The book explores radar target detection and pulse integration, emphasizing the constant false alarm rate. It also covers the stretch processor, the moving target indicator, radar Doppler processing, beamforming, and adaptive array processing.

Using configurable MATLAB code, this book demonstrates how to apply signal processing to radar applications. It includes many examples and problems to illustrate the practical application of the theory.

Table of Contents

Radar Systems—An Overview
Range Measurements
Range Resolution
Doppler Frequency
The Radar Equation
Surveillance Radar Equation
Radar Cross Section
Radar Equation with Jamming
Noise Figure
Effects of the Earth’s Surface on the Radar Equation
Atmospheric Attenuation
MATLAB Program Listings
Linear Systems and Complex Signal Representation
Signal and System Classifications
The Fourier Transform
Systems Classification
Signal Representation Using the Fourier Series
Convolution and Correlation Integrals
Bandpass Signals
Spectra of a Few Common Radar Signals
Signal Bandwidth and Duration
Discrete Time Systems and Signals
Random Variables and Processes
Random Variable
Multivariate Gaussian Random Vector
Rayleigh Random Variables
The Chi-Square Random Variables
Random Processes
Bandpass Gaussian Random Process
The Matched Filter
The Matched Filter SNR
Mean and Variance of the Matched Filter Output
General Formula for the Output of the Matched Filter
Waveform Resolution and Ambiguity
Range and Doppler Uncertainty
Target Parameter Estimation
The Ambiguity Function—Analog Waveforms
Examples of the Ambiguity Function
Stepped Frequency Waveforms
Nonlinear FM
Ambiguity Diagram Contours
Interpretation of Range-Doppler Coupling in LFM Signals
MATLAB Programs and Function
The Ambiguity Function—Discrete Coded Waveforms
Discrete Code Signal Representation
Pulse-Train Codes
Phase Coding
Frequency Codes
Ambiguity Plots for Discrete Coded Waveforms
Target Detection and Pulse Integration
Target Detection in the Presence of Noise
Probability of False Alarm
Probability of Detection
Pulse Integration
Target Fluctuating
Probability of False Alarm Formulation for a Square Law Detector
Probability of Detection Calculation
Computation of the Fluctuation Loss
Cumulative Probability of Detection
Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR)
MATLAB Program and Routines
Appendix: The Incomplete Gamma Function
Pulse Compression
Time-Bandwidth Product
Radar Equation with Pulse Compression
Basic Principal of Pulse Compression
Correlation Processor
Stretch Processor
MATLAB Program Listings
Radar Clutter
Clutter Cross Section Density
Surface Clutter
Volume Clutter
Clutter RCS
Clutter Spectrum
Moving Target Indicator (MTI)
PRF Staggering
MTI Improvement Factor
Subclutter Visibility (SCV)
Delay Line Cancelers with Optimal Weights
MATLAB Program Listings
Doppler Processing
CW Radar Functional Block Diagram
Pulsed Radars
MATLAB Programs and Routines
Adaptive Array Processing
General Arrays
Linear Arrays
Nonadaptive Beamforming
Adaptive Array Processing
MATLAB Program Listings
Problems appear at the end of each chapter.

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