1st Edition

Radiating Feminism Resilience Practices to Transform our Inner and Outer Lives

By Beth Berila Copyright 2021
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    Radiating Feminism: Resilience Practices to Transform Our Inner and Outer Lives is a practical guide to embodying feminist principles not just in our politics, but also in our very ways of being.

    Bringing together intersectional feminism with mindful reflection and embodied practice, this book offers practical wisdom for living by feminist principles in our daily lives. Each chapter includes practices and interactive activities to help navigate common challenges along feminist journeys. The book also draws on wisdom from feminist leaders and contemporary conversations from social justice movements. Both inspiring and guiding, the book will provide readers with the skills to cultivate resilience to face the many barriers to feminist social transformation.

    Radiating Feminism will be of use to students of Gender Studies, Social Work, Psychology, Community Health, and the Social Sciences, as well as anyone with a longstanding or fresh commitment to feminism and social justice.

    1. Introduction: Creating a More Just World

    2. Embodying Our Feminism

    3. Oppression, Trauma, and Embodied Healing

    4. Unlearning Our Toxic Inner Voice

    5. Navigating the In-Between

    6. Recognizing and Dismantling Embodied Privilege

    7. What Is an Ally and Is It Enough?

    8. How to Have Difficult Conversations about Social Justice

    9. On Anger and Love

    10. Feminist Burnout and Sustainability

    11. Filling Our Well When Change Is Slow

    12. Conclusion: Riding the Cycles of Change


    Beth Berila is the Director of the Gender and Women’s Studies Program, Professor in the Ethnic, Gender, and Women’s Studies Department at St. Cloud State University, and author of Integrating Mindfulness into Anti-Oppression Pedagogy: Social Justice in Higher Education.

    Radiating Feminism is timely, grounded, and invites readers to explore themselves: what motivates them, how they respond to adversity, and how to heal. You will want to delve into the practices alone or with a group, to store them away for difficult moments when you need them most.

    – Wendy E. Shaia, Clinical Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Social Work Community Outreach Service at the University of Maryland School of Social Work

    Like feminism itself, this book is justice-oriented and applied, complex but accessible, critically conscious and reflective. It simultaneously challenges dominant narratives while nurturing new visions of an embodied, mindful, and conscious feminist future. This book guides readers towards living their feminism: staying grounded in the realities of injustice while embodying the path into collective liberation.

    – Tessa Hicks Peterson, Affiliated Faculty Member of Gender and Feminist Studies at Pitzer College

    This book brings alive rich connections between feminist thought and mindfulness. It’s personal and reflective, theoretically rich, and provides concrete practices for embodying and enacting our feminist values. Readers are invited to journey toward purposeful social action for individual and collective transformation.

    - Beth S. Catlett, Associate Professor and Chair at the Department of Women's and Gender Studies, DePaul University