1st Edition

Radiation Chemistry of Polymers

By Ivanov Copyright 1992

    Part of the series "New Concepts in Polymer Science", this volume contains information on the main theoretical and practical problems involved in radiation chemistry of polymers. The processes of polymerization and modification of polymers by grafting, crosslinking and degradation, induced by ionizing radiation, are all described, as well as the radiation resistance of polymers and their protection from radiation. The book also contains applications of radiation chemistry of polymers, such as: principles of selection of radiation-chemical processes for industrial use; choice of radiation sources for specific processes; modification of textile and film materials by grafting; manufacturing of heat-shrinkable, thermostable and mechanically strong polymer products; composites; rubber vulcanizates and self-adhesive products; paints and coatings; man-made fibres; materials for microelectronics; and polymer materials for medical purposes.

    Part 1 Main concepts, principles, methods and instrumentation of the radiation chemistry of polymers: types of ionizing radiation; units of characteristics of the radiation field and the activity of radionuclides; sources of ionizing radiation; dosimetry; interaction of radiation with matter; calculation of radiation - chemical yields. Part 2 Radiation-induced polymerization: liquid-state and gas-state polymerization; solid-state polymerization; polymerization in the glassy state; principles of sensitization of radiation-induced polymerization. Part 3 Radiation-chemical transformations of polymers: modification of polymers by graft co-polymerization; polymer structurization; polymer degradation; cyclization of macromolecules; polymer-analogous transformations; stabilization of radiation-modified polymers. Part 4 Radiation resistance of polymers and polymer materials: evaluation of radiation resistance; principles of increasing radiation resistance; radiation protection. Part 5 Fields of application of radiation chemistry of polymers: principles of selection of radiation-chemical processes for industrial use; choice of radiation sources for various types of processes; organization of flow lines and integrated power and chemical plants combined with nuclear reactors; radiation-chemical polymer processes.