1st Edition

Radiation and the Gastrointestinal Tract

    297 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book evolved from a two-day 1993 International Symposium on Radiation and the Gastrointestinal Tract held at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland. This area of investigation is particularly important because of growing medical needs and the documented occurrence of accidents involving overexposure of healthy subjects/patients. Some questions have been answered through cellular and animal research-results that lead to hypotheses that have been tested through clinical protocols. In an attempt to answer the unresolved questions, basic scientists and clinicians describe the data obtained to date, present in a critical manner the consensus that has been reached, and discuss what still remains to be investigated.
    The book is divided into five parts: Overview and Clinical Perspective, Emesis, Motility, Diarrhea, and Behavioral Correlates of Gastrointestinal Dysfunction. Each part consists of separate discussions on the pathophysiology, the methodology, and, when applicable, the clinical relevance of the observations.
    The book provides helpful information to both basic scientists involved in radiobiological research and to clinicians caring for patients exposed to radiation. It also serves as an introduction to the subject for young clinical investigators interested in the field and for scientists searching for correlates between their observations and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Overview and Clinical Perspective
    Clinical Aspects of Irradiation-Induced Alimentary Tract Injury, T.R. Spitzer
    Radiation-Induced Emesis in Animal Models, G.L. King
    Differences in Anti-Emetic Predictability amongst 5-HT, Receptor Antagonist Drugs, P.R. Blower
    Clinical Trials with Ondansetron in Radiation-Induced Emesis, J.C. Bryson
    Radiation-Induced Gastric Dysfunction, A. Dubois
    Postirradiation Alterations in Small and Large Bowel Motility, M.F. Otterson and R.W. Summers
    Nitric Oxide and Smooth Muscle Relaxation in the Intestine. Chemical and Radiation Effects Measured by EPR/SPIN Trapping, L. Steel-Goodwin and A.J. Carmichael
    Neurochemical Changes in the Irradiated Brain-Gut Axis, S.B. Kandasamy
    Radiation-Induced Changes to Epithelial and Non-Epithelial Tissue, K.E. Carr, S.P. Hume, R. Ettarh, E.A. Carr, and J.S. McCullough
    Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Radioresistance and Radiosensitivity, K.F. Pirollo, X. Lin, Z.M. Hao, Z. Villegas, and E.H. Chang
    The Effect of Radiation on Intestinal Electrolyte Transport, P.J. Gunter-Smith
    Nearby Shielding Influences Survival of the Irradiated Intestine, R.M. Vigneulle
    Modification of Radiation Injury to the Intestine by Eicosanoids and Thiol Radioprotectors, W.R. Hanson
    Effect of Radioprotective Agents on Survival after Acute Intestinal Radiation Injury, J.F. Weiss, M.R. Landauer, P.J. Gunter-Smith, and W.R. Hanson
    Nutritional Support of Irradiated Intestine, V. Srinivasan and A. Dubois
    Chemotherapy and Radiation Protection with Amifostine: Clinical Studies, E.P. Mitchell, R.D. Reynolds, D. Graden, and R.L. Capizzi
    Gastrointestinal Syndrome after Accidental Overexposure during Radiotherapy, D.F. Flynn, I. Mihalakis, T. Mauceri, and M.R. Pins
    Behavioral Correlates of GI Dysfunction
    Effects of Different Types of Radiation on Emesis and Taste Aversion Learning, B.M. Rabin and G.L. King
    Behavioral Assessment of Antiemetic Drugs in Rats, P.C. Mele and P.J. Winsauer
    Behavioral Implications of Radiation- and Drug-Induced Gastrointestinal Distress, V. Bogo


    Andre Dubois, Gregory L. King; David R. Liverngood