1st Edition

Radical Pedagogies Architectural Education and the British Tradition

Edited By Harriet Harriss, Daisy Froud Copyright 2019
    304 Pages
    by RIBA Publishing

    The anticipated reduction in the duration of architecture education in the UK and across Europe has encouraged a sense of collective openness towards exploring other models of professional education delivery. There’s never been a better time to be thoughtfully innovative and take the initiative.

    This book provides a much needed debate about the future of architectural education, placing it within its unique historic tradition and raising fundamental questions such as who should be teaching architecture? Where should they be situated and should it be viewed as an interdisciplinary, rather than silo-based subject?

    Featuring voices as varied as digital strategists, students and client managers, Radical Pedagogies consolidates academic and well as practice-based evidence into a set of actionable insights, aimed at empowering schools, educators, and students alike. 

    Part 1: The Critique: A Historical Analysis of Architectural Education 

    1. When the Earth Moves

    Alan Powers 

    2. A Place of Resistance

    Mel Dodd 

    3. Academy of Resistance: Towards a Critical Education in Architecture

    Tim Ivison 

    4. 'You Will See Pictures of What is Bad and What is Good': Public Legislation, Education and Agency in Post-War Built Environment Decision-Making

    Daisy Froud 

    5. Architecture From the Dogs

    Ruth Morrow 

    Part 2: Limitations of the Current System 

    6. Factories or Malls

    Jack Self 

    7. Lost Generation: Ill Manors

    Michael Chadwick 

    8. Architectural Practice: Education as a Testing Ground for Architectural Practice

    Hayley Chivers 

    9. A Construction Conversation

    Matt Gaskin and Devon Telberg 

    10. Is There Something Missing?

    Tatjana Schneider 

    11. The Suppression of the Educational Project in Architecture

    Kevin Rhowbotham 

    12. Conversations with Clients

    Chris Brown 

    13. Starchitecture School

    John Assael 

    Part 3: New Forms of Resistance 

    14. One London School

    Bob Sheil  

    15. Conversing with Friere

    Dr James Benedict Brown 

    16. School Dinners

    Holly Porter and Jack Pringle 

    17. An Eclectic Pedagogy

    Cany Ash 

    18. Critical Incisions

    Ivana Wingham 

    19. The Critical Chasm

    Lionel Real De Azua, Ciaran O’Brien and Lucas Tizard 

    20. Dark Coding

    Alex Barclay 

    Part 3: Resistance in Action 

    21. Store School: Learning from Uncertainties 

    Nina Shen-Poblete  

    22. Learning from Learning from Kilburn

    Tom Keeley  

    23. The London School of Architecture

    Will Hunter 

    24. The AA Night School: Inside Out

    Sam Jacob 


    Harriet Harriss is a chartered architect and a Principal Lecturer in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, and the founding director of ‘Live Lab’: a university-situated incubator for architecture business start-ups committed to social innovation. Harriet’s teaching and research publications explore how architects can enable people to live better lives and whether the public or ‘end users’ should be given a more active role in shaping the spaces and communities in which they live and work.

    Daisy Froud is Founder and Head of Participation of AOC Architecture, Daisy specialises in structuring communication and learning between architects and non-professionals in the fields of design, planning and urban renewal.