1st Edition

Radioisotopes in Weed Research

Edited By Kassio Mendes Copyright 2021
    240 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    240 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Herbicides are of great importance in weed management and are one of the most widely used pesticide groups for weed control across the globe. Concerns around the residual effects of these intensively used chemicals are equally widespread. Offering a new direction for research that focuses on herbicide behavior and its impacts on the environment, this book covers the use of radioisotopes in weed research and the detoxification of herbicides.

    Applying technological advances in radiation detection, Radioisotopes in Weed Research explains how isotopic techniques can be used to identify degradation products and trace the fate of herbicides applied to crop plants. This book provides essential information on the historical use and recent advances of radioisotopes in weed research. It demonstrates the potential these methods offer the field of weed science in gaining a better understanding of the behavior of herbicides in plants and soil and working to ensure the continuous, effective, and safe use of herbicides, minimizing harmful impacts on ecosystems.


    • Explains the radiometric method with studies of radiolabelled herbicides and includes case studies as examples
    • Describes radiometric methods to study the behavior of herbicides in soil from transport and transformation to retention
    • Elucidates the absorption, translocation, and metabolism studies of herbicides in plants

    Authored by a team of leading scientists, this book is written for professors, researchers, extensionists, graduate and undergraduate students, rural producers, and other professionals involved in weed science.

    1. Historical Use of Radioisotopes in Weed Research

    Ziming Yue and Te-Ming Tseng

    2. Sorption and Desorption Studies of Herbicides in the Soil by Batch Equilibrium and Stirred Flow Methods

    Kassio Ferreira Mendes et al.

    3. Mobility studies of herbicides in the soil: Soil thin layer chromatography, leaching columns and lysimeters

    Vanessa Takeshita et al.

    4. Anaerobic and Aerobic Degradation Studies of Herbicides and Radiorespirometry of Microbial Activity in Soil

    Kassio Ferreira Mendes et al.

    5. Absorption, translocation and metabolism studies of herbicides in weeds and crops

    Ricardo Alcántara-de la Cruz et al.

    6. Radiological Protection for the use of Radiation and Radioisotopes in Agricultural Research

    Luca Ciciani and Alessandro Rizzo


    Prof. Dr. Kassio Ferreira Mendes is a Professor of Biology and Integrated Management of Weed, Department of Agronomy, Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil. Post-Doctor (2019) and Doctor (2017) in Science - Nuclear Energy in Agriculture (Chemistry in Agriculture and Environment) by Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture, University of São Paulo, Brazil with fellow sandwich University of Minnesota, USA (2016), Twin Cities Campus - College of Food and Agricultural Sciences in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate. Master in Agronomy (Crop Science) by Federal University of Viçosa (2013). Agronomist by University of State Mato Grosso (2011). Member of Brazilian Society of Weed Science.